Climbing Frames - Wooden Playsets with swings and slides

Wooden Climbing Frames

Wooden Climbing Frames Range

Climbing Frames UK have the biggest selection of quality wooden climbing frames in the UK. Our range boasts a choice of deck heights, sizes and play features including slide and swing options. Our slides are available as straight slides, curved slides or tube slides, and we have a great range of sets including swings, trapeze bars or glider swings.

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Pre-Order Climbing Frames

Climbing Frames UK has a large array of playsets for pre-order in a variety of sizes, accessibility levels and prices, making them the perfect choice when it comes to choosing the frame for your child for Spring 2014. Why not take a browse and reserve your product now.

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DIY Climbing Frame Parts

Climbing Frames UK have a huge range of parts and accessories for DIY climbing frame projects. Whether you're just looking or you've sorted you design and plans we'll have some great DIY items to save you time and effort, whether you need a slide, swing, rockwall, or even a set of safety hand grips, we have the biggest range of DIY parts in the UK. 

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Climbing Frames Accessories

Climbing Frame Accessories

Our climbing frames come fully inclusive of all wood, hardware and accessories you see pictured, however, we also appreciate that many customers wish to add to their playset they day you buy, or at a later time, so we offer a range of accessories to add even more play value to you new wooden garden play equipment . It's also great if mum and dad are purchasing the playset, and grandparents want to buy something to go with it!

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Climbing Frame Buyers Guide

Buying a new climbing frame or wooden swing set can be difficult, especially if have restrictions due to budget or smaller garden size, or even if you've spoken to a number of different companies who have given conflicting advice. As the UK's Climbing Frame specialists we can assure you that we've collated a huge amount of information and advice to help you decide which garden playset is best for you, your family and your budget.

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