Rectangular Trampolines

Rectangular Trampolines

Rectangular trampolines or a rectangular trampoline combo package including a trampoline, safety net enclosure and steps is ideal for active families.  Rectangular trampolines are generally used by more serious users, so our models reflect this with specifications to suit.  They are not over imposing but they still provide a large enough area to have great fun trampolining for the whole family.

Rectangular Trampoline Buyer's Guide

Rectangular trampolines are great for those who take their trampolining seriously and love a truly exhilarating bounce. They are far more specialised and ideal for training or performing tricks on.

Do I want a rectangular trampoline?

The rectangular trampolines are ideal for those who want to perform more complicated tricks. It is great for training purposes and after-school clubs. Where round trampolines always bounce you back into the centre, the rectangular trampoline gives much freer rein when bouncing.

Rectangular Trampoline Benefits

The rectangular trampolines are fantastic for those who really want to improve their trampolining skills. It has the perfect amount of space available for performing a wide range of tricks and offers a mega fun bouncing experience. The positioning of the springs on a rectangular trampoline means they are at different distances from the centre of the trampoline. Therefore the springs aren’t stretched unnecessarily and the jumper’s energy is concentrated into getting a bigger bounce.

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