10ft Trampolines - Buy a 10ft Trampoline

10ft Trampolines 

10ft Trampolines or a 10ft Trampoline combo package including a trampoline, safety net enclosure and steps is ideal for small to medium sized gardens.  Our 10ft Trampolines come in a various specifications to suit a selection of budgets and usage requirements.  10ft trampolines are a great size and one of our most popular ranges of trampoline.  They are not over imposing but they still provide a large enough area to have great fun trampolining for the whole family.

10ft Trampoline Buyer's Guide

The 10ft trampoline is great for those who don’t want to compromise the space they have in their garden. It’s compact in size yet still packs a great bounce.

What does the 10ft measurement refer to?

When we say 10ft we are referring to the diameter of the entire trampoline. This is the width from one side of the trampoline to the other, including the padding. It is this measurement you should keep in mind when working out where to put your trampoline, and which size is best for you.

Which size is best for me?

When choosing your trampoline it’s important to think about the size of your garden and how many bouncers you have at home. You ideally want the trampoline to fit comfortably in your garden with a 3ft circumference of space around it. The 10ft is still a rather compact size and will fit neatly into most gardens. It does however have slightly more room to manoeuvre, so can accommodate a larger bouncer or two smaller bouncers.

10ft Trampoline Benefits

The 10ft trampoline is a fantastic compromise if you don’t want the trampoline to take over your entire garden. It allows for that little more room so you can get an extra bouncer on there or the occasional adult bouncer (if you can get the kids off).

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