Trampolines, Outdoor Trampolines, Garden trampolines

Trampolines, Outdoor Trampolines, Garden trampolines

The Trampoline Shop at Climbing Frames UK has partnered up with the most dependable brand names and manufacturers in the world of trampolines. Through decades of providing outstanding quality and surpassing standards, these trampoline brands, including Jumpking, Supertramp, Jumpsport and Alley Oop, have earned the trust of millions of families in the UK and abroad and have unrivaled experience in manufacturing outdoor trampolines. Our range includes 8ft trampolines, 10ft trampolines, 12ft trampolines and 14ft trampolines, and fun garden trampoline accessories.

The Shop is the UK's sole distributor for Jumpsport Alley Oop and one of the UK's leading JumpKing distributors of the Jumpking Air, Jumpking JumpPod, Jumpking Classic, Jumpking Deluxe and Jumpking Oval trampolines. We are also the distributors for Super Tramp Trampolines and a range of fun trampoline accessories.

Read our Trampoline buying guide and look at all of the health benefits associated with trampolining before you make your purchase. Trampoline Safety is one of our primary concerns so we ensure that all our trampolines are combo packages and include both the trampoline and safety surround (net).  We also supply many trampoline sets with ladder or steps as standard.

Our customer service team are happy to take your trampoline questions on Free phone 0800 014 7191 or during extended hours using our quick response service.

Trampoline Buying Guide

 The Trampoline Frame

The frame thickness is generally stated using the Standard Wire Gauge or SWG measurement. The lower the SWG, the thicker the material used. All our trampolines comply with all relevant safety standards so that the thickness of the frame is more than sufficient for all aspects of safety.

Anti-rust treatment is recommended, the most common being galvanisation and zinc powder coating. Generally the galvanised steel is longer-lasting and more effective than zinc powder coated steel.

Assembly of most trampolines is generally quite straightforward - the frames slot together without needing any tools. The larger the trampoline the longer it will take to assemble, we give a rough estimate alongside each model.

Find out how trampolines evolved, click here to view The History Of Trampolines. Click here to view The Health Benefits of Trampolines.


The Trampoline Springs

Information available on the springs of a trampoline is varied. However it is the springs on a trampoline which determine its ‘ bounciness’. Spring performance is dependent on several factors, including:-

The material the spring is made from,

The diameter of the wire used,

The diameter of the spring coil, and

The overall length of the spring.

However, we assure you that all our trampolines conform to all relevant safety and quality standards and are guaranteed to provide the best bounce possible. We ensure that the optimum bounce level is achieved without being too hard nor too soft.

The number of springs on the trampoline and their thickness or length are not indicative of the trampoline's quality alone, but we certainly do not recommend any trampoline with springs of length 6" or shorter or the use of elastic or rubber bands instead of springs.


The Trampoline Spring Protection Pads

The protection offered to users by pads varies depending on the pads’ shape and the material used. The pads are the first components to wear out so purchasing a lower quality pad results in having to replace them more frequently.

Wedge-shaped pads which taper from around 20mm on the outside edge to 5mm on the inside edge are of a lower quality than flat pads of about 25mm thickness.

Closed cell foam (or impact foam) is designed to absorb impact so 25mm closed cell foam pads perform better than thicker pads made from traditional upholstery foam.

The pads are covered with vinyl which can vary in thickness and quality. The pads on our trampolines have 20oz vinyl as opposed to budget trampolines, many of which use lighter weight vinyl or only partially cover the pad with vinyl leaving the underside covered with mesh. The pads are attached using duffle-coat style toggles and feature a small 50mm (2") valance or skirt which helps keep the padding positioned perfectly.


The Jump Bed

Almost all jump beds are woven polypropolene mesh with UV resistant coating which ensures they can withstand direct sunlight for extended periods of time. The mesh allows water to flow through the bed so avoiding pooling on the surface.


A Trampoline Cover

You should note that trampoline covers are not designed to be waterproof. Their purpose is to minimise exposure of the bed and the pads to UV light from the sun, and to keep leaves and other debris and dirt from the surface.

Most covers have drainage holes or mesh in the centre which allow rainwater to escape. However, during heavy rainfall, the cover should be removed to prevent the trampoline becoming a lake. In any event, the springs should not be kept under tension for extended periods of time.


The Trampoline Ladder

Trampoline ladders make it easier to get up and down to and from the bed. However this also means younger children could gain access and play without your supervision.


A trampoline safety net or safety enclosure

A failsafe means of preventing falls from the trampoline, and avoiding potential injuries as a result, is a safety net. Whilst these may be considered an expensive extra, it is highly recommended that anyone with younger children (aged 5 or under) or disabilities affecting their ability to use a trampoline should have a safety net.


Considerations to be kept in mind when looking at trampoline components:

Level, firm ground

It is important that the surface on which you will place your trampoline is level and firm, and that all the trampoline’s legs are firmly supported or the trampoline will be stressed at points of its construction where it is not designed to withstand stress. This will affect its durability and safe use - it is also more noisy. If the ground slopes more than by a few inches over the diameter of the trampoline a shallow trench should be dug in the higher ground to accommodate and support the legs on the corresponding side of the trampoline so that the bed is leveled.


Trampoline Safety:

Safety is a vital aspect in your trampoline-buying decision-making process. We take a personal interest in all our buyer’s decisions and aim to ensure every person who is likely to use a product supplied by us have a safe and trouble-free trampoline experience. All our trampolines are developed, produced and supplied with advanced technology which is constantly being revised and researched. This applies to every component and aspect of the trampoline’s design and manufacture - from the springs, the trampoline bed, the frame and outer padding. These main parts of the trampoline work together as the vital safety points as well, making sure that your child has a smooth controlled bounce.


When deciding to buy a trampoline your main considerations should include:

  • Who will use the trampoline?
  • Where will the trampoline be located?
  • How much will a trampoline cost?

Who will use the trampoline?

A 10 ft diameter round trampoline is suitable for a single larger child, or two small children, and perhaps occasional adult use. A 12ft diameter round trampoline is a good choice for a couple of children and more regular use by adults. A 14ft diameter round trampoline allows regular use by two or more children, and adults.

Generally, the maximum load or weight bearing of a trampoline increases with the diameter of the trampoline.


Where will the trampoline be located?

The space available should be checked and carefully measured before you commit yourself to buying a trampoline. It is important to bear in mind that the actual trampoline will appear much larger in the garden than a 12ft circle measured out on the ground. You should also allow a clear area of at least 3ft around the outside of the proposed trampoline to allow for sufficient safe space. Overhanging trees, shrubs, roofs and cables must be avoided. Also, be aware that most trampolines stand approximately 3ft above the ground so clearance above the trampoline bed surface must take this into account.


How much will a trampoline cost?

Quality is invariably linked directly to cost. A cheap trampoline will undoubtedly have cost less to manufacture and this will show in terms of the quality of materials, the quality of finish, any guarantee supplied, the product’s lifespan and its safety. Replacement parts on cheap Trampolines are often more expensive than the original purchase price. With a broad range of needs to meet, the safety and quality of a trampoline should not be compromised by making cost the primary objective.


Choosing the shape of your trampoline - round or rectangular?

Round trampolines are designed and supplied for the leisure market. The lift of the bounce is approximately 3ft from the bed to the bottom of the user’s foot. The bed’s design ensures that the person is bounced upward and inward, toward the middle of the bed so that the person has sufficient space between them and the edge. Round trampolines are therefore considered safer in the domestic environment than rectangular trampolines. They can also accommodate more than one person at a time.

Rectangular trampolines are only suitable for use by single users. The bed is designed with an impetus upward and along the trampoline’s line of direction. The bounce is also higher (apart from the Alley Oop Double Bounce Power Bounce) so that rectangular trampolines are best suited to sports people or specialist users. Rectangular trampolines are ideal for gymnastic use and they are perfect for those who are interested in trampolining tricks. Some brands such as the Alley Oop 10 x 17 Variable Bounce are suitable for use in professional environments and competitions.

Rectangular Trampolines are very popular for the young aspiring gymnast and sportsman, with all the technology and quality necessary for years of training use. For advice on rectangular or specialist trampolines, please contact us direct.


Choosing the size of your trampoline

Round Trampolines are preferred by most people because of their versatility in the domestic environment. They are available in the following sizes:

8ft Trampolines - the smallest size available, and the most economical in terms of cost and the space that they occupy. They will not take up the whole of the garden.

10ft Trampolines - slightly larger beds giving greater flexibility and space to users. They also have great bounce capacity, and with a lower frame height, are able to accommodate smaller people providing more peace of mind to those concerned parents.

12ft Trampolines - a good-sized bed, small enough for most gardens but one which can be used by more than one person at a time - including teenagers and adults.

14ft Trampolines - the largest and most popular round trampoline size available offering stability and control for up to 3 bouncers at a time.


Which Trampoline Brand Is Right For You?

We have selected the best brands in the world in order to give you a full choice of styles, quality and value. We recommend Jumpking, Jumpsport & Alley Oop Sports. This range is unbeaten in the UK, and we are certain you will find exactly what you are looking for, at incredible value.

Summary of the Brands of Trampoline sold at Climbing Frames UK

Jumpking Jumpod Classic - excellent value for money, “all included” trampolines. Come with Steps, Bounce Surround, Shoe Rack & Cover.

Jumpking Jumpod Deluxe - Quality Trampolines with a slightly higher specification than the classic.

Jumpsport Trampolines - USA’s No 1 Quality Trampoline brand, 8.5” Springs, heavy duty construction these are the best at their price point.

Alley Oop Double Bounce Trampolines - The Rolls Royce of Trampolines. The Specification is unreal and everything about the trampoline is special. Double Bounce Bed, Safest Trampoline on the Market and the chance to add Power Bounce, Basket Ball Net and Games Pack.


The Health Benefits of Trampolining

Trampolining gives holistic health benefits to the adult and the child bouncer alike. In comparison to jogging, for example, trampolining is more effective by producing more aerobic exercise faster - a ten minute session provides equivalent benefits to a half hour run.

In detail, the health benefits of trampolining include:

Cardiovascular Fitness

Trampolines and rebounders increase your muscle strength and fitness by increasing your pulse rate and ensuring that oxygen is pumped around the body more efficiently, making you feel healthier and more alert. Trampoline is often recommended and approved by doctors following a heart attack to help strengthen the heart.

Stronger bones

The exercise provided by trampolining is strenuous and repetitive. The jump action puts the bones under repeated slight, low impact stress which helps the musculoskeletal system develop and build up. Research suggests it also helps improve bone mineral content by increased bone development over time. As a result, it also helps to prevent brittle bone disease, or osteoporosis. Due to the low impact nature of trampolining, the bones are developed without the potential damage which can arise from other exercises such as running.

Trim and Tone

Trampolining uses almost every muscle in the body. In particular the stomach muscles, the arms and the legs. This all helps to keep your tummy trim, your bottom toned and your thighs slim. The exercise and muscle control required is a first rate means of burning fat, toning up and keeping the weight off. It also helps develop coordination and skills applicable in other exercise regimes. The trampoline is always outdoors so fresh air is an unavoidable added extra.

Co-ordination and Motor Skills

Trampoline exercise is proven to develop skills allowing sports people and high energy working people such as engineers to undertake several activities requiring concentration at the same time. Trampolining involves bouncing, balancing, maintaining the body's position and anticipating the next action all at the same time. This is proven to have a positive effect on co-ordination and motor skills, and allows the trampolinist to control several different muscles and limbs at the same time.

Increased metabolism

Research clearly shows that trampoline exercise increases your metabolic rate, helping your body to process nutrients more effectively and efficiently. This helps to you keep your weight down, and helps to ensure your body is getting all the nutrients and sustenance it needs.


Detoxifying and Lymphatic Stimulation

The lymph system is a detoxification system of the body by which lymphatic fluid flows from the interstitial spaces (the spaces around cells) into the blood. Unlike the blood circulation system which relies on the heart, the lymphatic system relies on gravity and body movement to produce flow of lymphatic fluids. Bouncing on a trampoline (including a rebounder) stimulates the lymphatic system and helps rid your body of toxins, trapped protein, bacteria, viruses, and waste cells. Gravitational forces at the top of the bounce is zero so the body is weightless for a fraction of a second. At the bottom of the bounce, the gravitational force is double the normal gravity at ground level as the body's direction is changed and internal organs are put under pressure. This stimulates cellular activity and the lymphatic system.

Mental health

As with any strenuous exercise, improved circulation pumps oxygen into the brain, making you feel more alert, happier, more positive and even more self confident. Endorphins, the positive mood enhancing natural chemicals stimulated by all exercise are produced by trampolining as well. Added to this is the sheer excitement and fun of jumping up and down in a safe environment. It is guaranteed to make you smile, make you laugh and make you feel really happy. It's simply unavoidable that this will stimulate your mental state and has undoubtedly positive effects on your mental health.


Tests have shown trampolining to have positive effects on children with autism. The fun, positive mental state and the sense of well-being generated are all reinforced by awareness of the person's body position and how the body responds to movement through the air. These help to develop sensory awareness and physical coordination.

Qualities of a trampoline


The trampolines or rebounder by nature, and the space it requires, means that there is always a space set up in which you can exercise at any time. There is no need to get to the gym or sports centre, no need to find a new track or path for your run or bike ride, and no need for a special set of clothing. The trampoline is generally set up in the same place all the time. It is easy to reach, and in the privacy of your own home and you can put on any clothing which you feel comfortable in to use the trampoline. You can also trampoline on your own without the need for a sports partner.

Low impact

Trampolining or rebounding is a very low joint impact activity for an intensive exercise routine in comparison to most other sports such as running and court sports. Alley Oop Double Bounce Technology improves this even further with its Alley Oop Double Bounce Technology. The trampoline's bed is a highly specialised and technically advanced piece of equipment, designed specifically to avoid heavy impact to the body. The bed absorbs over 80% of the shock of the body meeting the surface of the bed as opposed to the hard surfaces of roads or courts which absorb none of the impact. Trampolining therefore protects your joints whilst exercising your muscles and developing bone structure and strength.




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