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Wooden Swingsets

Welcome to our exciting range of standalone wooden swing sets especially designed for home use.

We are sure that it will take little more than one look at the swingset in the garden and all your child will want to do is run outside as fast they possibly can, so they can leap onto the swing to see how high or how fast they can swing.

Swingsets certainly have that all important “fun factor” but as parents ourselves we understand that it is not just about finding a fun product that will hold your children’s attention.  Safety plays an integral role in the creation of such structures and our products aren’t finished until each one has undergone vigorous safety testing (EN71).  Our swing beams are up to 30% longer than that of main competitors, which removes risk of collision whilst swinging.

In addition to safety, we take great pride in selecting only the highest quality lumber sourced from Europe with FSC certification.  The top beams feature 100mm diameter lumber and the uprights have a diameter of 80mm. The swing corners are the longest and strongest used here in the UK.

When you purchase a Selwood Products Swingset, you are buying a high quality and long lasting product sure to provide your family with many countless hours of enjoyment.

Wooden Swingset Buyers Guide

In this guide we aim to show you the key features to look out for when purchasing a wooden swingset.

Beautiful, fun and practical

By their very nature wooden swingsets have a wonderfully rustic look allowing them to blend effortlessly into any garden. The overall footprint of wooden swingsets remains compact which has proven to be particularly popular in smaller gardens or where lawn space is limited. It also means that your swingset needn’t dominate the entire garden, all without compromising on play value for the children.

High quality specification

Our wooden swingsets are made from carefully selected round pole pine wood measuring between 80mm and 100mm in diameter. The 80mm diameter wood is used for the uprights, with an even thicker 100mm diameter pole creating the top beam.

The wood is sourced in Europe and has the FSC certification. All wood is pressure-treated to protect against rot and infestation.

The accessories are also sourced from high quality and durable plastic, metal and rope. Each and every item is tested to meet and exceed EN71 standards.

Safety first

For maximum stability, each swingset is supplied with a set of ground anchors. These ground anchors attach to each leg upright and are then concreted into the ground. This secure anchoring system creates even more stability and means that no matter what weather the swingset is exposed to, there is little chance of it going anywhere.

Each swingset is tested to support a maximum of 50kg per individual swing seat, as is required by EN71 safety testing in Europe, however the wooden swingset will typically support far more than this.

Long lasting, durable play equipment

Simple in design, well built from quality materials, safety tested and complete with a long lasting warranty, what more could you want from a wooden swingset?

We are confident that whichever swingset you choose from us, it will provide your family with many happy hours for years to come.

Wooden Swingset Benefits

There are many benefits to wooden swingsets. On a day to day basis it provides an exciting activity for children to enjoy after their school day either on their own or with their friends. They needn’t hassle parents for a trip to the local park, they have all the fun and adventure of the playground right there on their doorstep, or rather, in their own back garden.

Health benefits

What better way to get them outside (and away from the computer/tv/games console) than with a wooden swingset. The mere sight of the wooden swingset in the garden will encourage them to get outside and play.  While they are busy enjoying the swingset, they are simultaneously benefitting from a healthy dose of fresh air and exercise. It gives them an inadvertant workout in the comfort of your own back garden. All of this “swingset exercise” contributes positively to a child’s overall health and well- being.

Social benefits

On a social level, the swingset provides opportunities for children to interact with one another as they play together on the swings. Imagine what an incredible ice-breaker it is at large family gatherings, instantly uniting children of all ages.

There’s no denying that there is a timeless popularity surrounding wooden swingsets. Our grandparents loved them and our grandchildren will also love them. So it’s no wonder then that the wooden swingset continues to be a popular garden accessory in so many gardens all over the world.

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