Pre-Order Outdoor Toys from Climbing Frames UK

Pre-Order from Climbing Frames UK

Pre-Order is a fantastic opportunity to lock in an amazing price when you see a climbing frame you love, but don't want it immediately. You only have to pay 10% of the entire purchase price now and the remaining 90% at a later date. It’s great for those who are saving up for an item but don’t want to miss out on an unbeatable price.


Pre-Order Buyers Guide

How does your Pre-Order scheme work?

All the products available to Pre-Order are included above, and once you have selected the product you want, you will then have the option to ‘Pre-Order’ (or buy-now if available). This will take you through to payment and you will be asked to pay only 10% of the advertised price. You will then confirm your order and accept the date the remaining 90% balance is due.

Can I pay my balance early?

The pre-order option is to give you, as the customer, as much control as possible. Although there is a final cut-off date for Pre-order payments, you are able to pay the remaining balance whenever you choose up to this date. A reminder email will be sent so there is no need to worry about missing the deadline.

Can I pay in installments?

We only take pre-order payments in two installments; the initial 10% deposit and then the remaining 90%. This means you have complete control of the purchase and you can put aside what you want, when you want. It also makes things a lot simpler as you only have to make two payments rather than several smaller ones which may become confusing and hard to keep track of. 

Pre-Order Benefits

The pre-order option is great for catching a real bargain, even if you're not ready to take immediate delivery. It gives ample opportunity to save up for a product without missing out on a special offer or deal. It is also designed to help budget for bigger purchases, this way a certain amount can be saved at a time rather than having to pay a big lump sum all at once. 

Our Spring 2016 Pre-Order is now finished. You can buy-now at unbeatable prices, and delay your home delivery by up to 4 weeks.
Our Next Pre-Order Promotion will be for Christmas 2016. Xmas Pre-Order products will be available to order from August 2016.

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