Package Deals? - Save Buying Climbing Frames Including Accessories

Package Deals for Climbing Frames & Outdoor Toys

Package deals are designed to kit out your garden in the cheapest possible way. Our products are designed to go perfectly together, so to save you time and money we have thought carefully about which items complement each other best and put them together in a package. We have then discounted them so they work out cheaper than buying them all separately. That way you've saved a few more pounds.

Package Deal Buyer's Guide

Where can I find the package deals?

To make your shopping experience even easier we have a whole page dedicated to our amazing package deals.

Can I change the products in a package deal?

We have spent a lot of time working out the ideal packages and the best possible prices for our customers. The package deals tend to cover all outdoor play equipment categories so there is always something for everyone. The package deals may change from time to time but to save time, and any confusion, they are sold as the package without any alterations. 

Package Deal Benefits

The main benefit of the package deal is the price and the amount of money you save. If you are looking to kit out your garden with multiple outdoor toys then the package deal is the perfect choice for you. It is also a great way of planning ahead as we know having several children often means an endless stream of birthdays and presents, and this way you can have more than one present brought and out of the way in one fell swoop. 

Climbing Frames UK sells play equipment in packages. What you see in pictures is what you get, if you see accessories in the main image you receive them.