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We have a few garden related tips for those choosing a climbing frames, trampoline or outdoor toy. Adding one of our products to your garden will not only give the kids some great quality, long lasting play equipment, it will also look fantastic. We design our Selwood Products to specifically look good aesthetically, so the wood is natural and beautiful and the metal and plastics are attractive and should fit well with existing features and fittings.

Location, location, location

Dimensions First of all it is vital that you check the dimensions of the frame against the size of your garden. We advise that a reasonable diameter of space is left around the swing beam in particular. Approx. 1.5m is ideal but where this isn’t possible simply ensure children are able to swing freely and safely. It is also an idea to place the swing set away from a neighbour’s fence, we understand this isn’t always an option but it is something to bear in mind when installing the frame.


Surface type 

Surface Type Although your grass doesn't have to be pitch perfect for either a climbing frame or trampoline, it isn't a good idea to place a swing set on a significantly sloped piece of land. There is no need to concrete or hardcore the play sets into place and in fact this may actually do more harm than good to your frame.


Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind Many of our customers like to place bark or mulch around their playset. This isn’t at all necessary, but if you would like to do the same it is important to back fill. Meaning build and position your climbing frame first, then place the bark or mulch around it accordingly.



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Windale Climbing Frame

Windale Climbing Frame

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