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We are meticulous when it comes to sourcing our outdoor toys because we know that in addition to having good play features for their children customers expect a wooden climbing frame or swing or playhouse to be robust, safe and ideally straightforward to construct.

Sourcing of products, wood, plastic, metal and vinyl
We want to supply our customers with the best quality and the best value so don't select our climbing frames, swing sets and play centres from image galleries; our buyers travel the world and visit manufacturers and factories. When we see a factory, we meet the workforce and the management to ensure they meet our standards. We also we have our suppliers' factories audited to check the organisation, facilities, operational procedures, labour force, working conditions, and production processes meet the required standards and regulations.

Testing Procedures & Standards
In addition to sourcing and manufacturing the best value garden play systems, we are also at the forefront of innovation for safety. Our designers and manufacturers strive to achieve the next step forward in design and construction that provides strength and rigidity whilst making the sets aesthetically pleasing and minimising the use of unnecessary materials. Please use the following link to view more information about our testing procedures.

Climbing Frames also stipulate that our products are manufactured to meet all the major worldwide safety standards and are often tested either in-house or by the Bureau Veritas to verify this. We test not only the complete products, but also test individual components to ensure the plastic, vinyl, metal and wooden components all meet and often exceed hardness, compression, tensile, UV and moisture testing standards. In addition to this we test our competitor's sets to ensure our products are always comparable or better quality. Please use the following link to view more information about our product testing.

The tests we use cover all component parts used in our sets including wood, metal, rope and vinyl. Some of the tests and equipment used are shown below.

Plastic and Vinyl Testing
Plastic & Vinyl
Rope Testing
Swing & Ladder Ropes
Wood Testing
Wooden Components

Chain Testing


The Climbing Frames Group operates worldwide so we use the most common worldwide testing standards to ensure our products are the safest by always meeting the most stringent of standards. Please use the following link to view more information about our testing standards.

Testing Standards

Supplying to the trade
Climbing Frames have some of the best value outdoor toy products available including swings, slides and playhouses. Due to this, even our retail competitors come to us to use our buying power and safety testing to source their products Depending on what they buy and the volumes they purchase they either take own/unbranded products, or choose to use our Selwood Products branding. You’ll always find our exclusive lines of climbing frames and wooden swing sets have the best special offers, but don’t forget, if you see one of our climbing frames elsewhere for cheaper - we guarantee to beat the price with our ‘Climbing Frames Price Promise’.


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Windale Climbing Frame

Windale Climbing Frame

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