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This playset is action packed with fun features that will keep even the busiest of children occupied for hours. The Peak climbing frame has a dominating presence that will make your garden the central hub of activity after school, in the holidays or at weekends. From its two variations of slides providing alternative routes of descent, to the monkey bar swing allowing children to swing in and out of the fort freely through the air, the Peak playset will be an essential and valuable addition to your garden. The Peak Climbing Frame is part of our Next Generation play systems which feature a unique panelised build system making it easier and quicker to construct.

Fort Features

The main fort structure of the Peak Climbing Frame is the central hub of activity with all the activities branching off in differing directions. The main fort features a lower and upper area both with a footprint measuring 109cm x 109cm. On the upper level there is ample head room for your children thanks to the pitched wooden roof. At the front of the fort there is a canopy shielding direct sunlight from bursting through. To exit the fort there are three exit points at the front or left via one of the two slides or via the rear using the monkey ladder swing.

Swing Features

The Peak climbing frame features a single swing beam that exits from the frame to the right of the main fort and boasts three great swing accessories including two belt swings and a trapeze bar. The belt swings have been specifically designed to mould around the persons seating position to provide a snug, tight, but importantly comfortable position when swinging. The trapeze bar is ideal for young acrobatic children who want to test out their strength and artistic skills.

Slide Features

The Peak climbing frame benefits from having two slides, a tube slide exiting from the left of the main fort and a straight slide exiting from the front, so as well as having twice the variety and fun it is also a great compromise for families with more than one child as there is no queuing required. The tube slide features a full enclosed ride through a descent of over 1.2 metre and through just over 270 degrees. Both slides have safety features added to provide a safe journey back down to ground level.

Play Features

At the base of the fort is a fully enclosed lower playhouse which features its own entry door located around the front of the fort. The internal dimensions of the lower playhouse floor space measures 109cm x 109cm providing ample room for to play. Above the entry door on the playset is a manual clock that can easily be adjusted It really is a great accessory to use when helping children to learn to tell the time, or maybe you could set it for when playtime is over for the day.

Climbing Features

If climbing, scrambling or heights are things that your children excel at then the Peak climbing frame has a number of features that will suit them. Located out the back of the set is the monkey bars swing which is perfect for children who like to scramble from rung to rung floating freely through the air. Beside this is the rockwall ladder which provides access to the upper fort. With spacious gaps between the slats for novice climbers and rockwall moulded mounts for more advanced clamberers it has something for everyone.

Additional Details

The Peak climbing frame comes pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-stained which helps make a home-build as easy as possible. We also supply an illustrated owner’s manual showing you exactly how to build the set. All you’ll need is basic DIY tools. This climbing frame is designed for children aged between 3 and 10 years of age and is tested (EN-71 & ASTM) to meet requirements for private residential use – this set is not suitable for commercial use.

Rockwall Ladder

This slatted rock wall ladder offers the best of both worlds for little climbers. For those who are feeling a little more adventurous, the moulded plastic climbing rocks are a natural choice for a daring climb. For those with a little less confidence, then the spaces between the ladder slats will provide an easier ascent to the top! The spaces between the slats are also easy to climb down - ideal if the queue for the slide is too long! Our rock wall ladders are a combination to ensure that all ages of children can enjoy them and maximise their use from the play set. 

Monkey Bars

Monkey Bars are a great addition to your climbing frame, such fun as kids love to climb, hang and swing like monkey's, you can buy wooden money bar climbing frames with play equipment or on their own. Monkey bars are a great addition to a climbing frame and our wooden monkey bar set can be added to most of our climbing frame models.

Monkey bars offer the perfect excuse for kids to monkey around while building their core strength and improving their motor skills. Using monkey bars will help children improve their upper body strength, which will help with their posture and physical well being. 

Our monkey bar climbers come in two varieties, the stand alone monkey bar, or the combination monkey bar and swings. Both have a ladder at the end, and easy grip rungs long the horizontal monkey climber. The monkey bar's are normally about 1.8m (6ft) from the ground.

Our monkey bars are manufactured from the same quality cedar wood as our climbing frames so they will come with a matching stain and wood finish. You can also be confident that our monkey bars will last, as cedar is resistant to rot, mold and insect infestation. They are specifically designed to be soft to touch so they are gentle on young hands so your children will spend more time enjoying their playset with no worries about splinters.

Our combination monkey bar climbers also offer the opportunity to have swings and swing accessories attached to the beam too. This offers the opportunity to maximize space in your garden, so if you have a smaller garden you can still have both a swings and a monkey bar so you children get maximum enjoyment from their playset. Safety Notice: We advise Swings & Swing Accessories should be removed from a combination monkey bar swing before using it as a monkey bar.

Tube Slide

Climbing Frames UK have the best selection of slides available, and nothing comes better than our exclusive enclosed tube slide. This is the crème de la crème of slides, measuring 12ft (3.65m) long this amazing slide takes up minimal space in your garden but offers an amazing ride for your children! It spirals once in the middle and is flat at the bottom so children end with their feet (and not their bottoms!) on the ground. 


1.2m (4ft) High Deck

The 1.22m (4ft) play deck height refers to the distance from the ground to the climbing frames deck. Therefore the higher the deck height the further from the ground the deck is, the longer the rock wall  to get up, and the slide to ride down. The higher the deck means you have further to climb and slide. This obviously makes climbing up more of a challenge and sliding down generates more speed.  We have found that four foot decks are the most popular in type, according to customers it's accessible to younger children and still a challenge older kids until they are likely to be just want to go out all the time. Sorry parents climbing frames cant keep them as kids forever.  

Which deck height is most suitable for my children?

We suggest that the taller or older your children are the higher your deck should be, and it is also important to remember that the higher the deck the more use your children will get out of the climbing frame as they get older.

The 4ft deck is our most popular deck height as it is a fantastic compromise between being a sensible height for smaller or younger children, and still high enough to keep older children amused.


Wooden Roof

Climbing frames with fully wooden roofs look amazing in your garden and provide your with a strong sturdy playset that will protect them from sunshine or rain.

Our playsets come with either a vinyl tarp roof, or a fully wooden roof.  

Playhouse Package

Climbing Frames UK has a huge range of playsets and wooden climbing frames with fully incorporated wooden playhouse packages. The playhouse is situated directly below the fort play deck, and includes a door, two playhouse windows and a serving wall with two stools.

Medium Garden

Medium gardens make a great home for a whole host of our fabulous climbing frames. However, we do advise that you carefully consider the size of the garden you plan to put the climbing frame in before making your final decision. We have a fantastic range of climbing frames that are ideal for those with medium sized gardens. Climbing Frames UK truly believe you don’t need a huge outdoor space to get a playset full of exciting features. 

Large Gardens

Those lucky things with large gardens will be able to make the most of our outdoor climbing frames. Although all our playsets have a wonderful range of play features, it makes sense that the bigger playsets can accommodate more features such as the monkey bars. Large gardens are also able to make the most of our wide variety of accessories and additional extras like picnic tables, wooden playhouses or sand tables. 


Swings have been around forever and everyone remembers enjoying swings from their childhood, whether it be playing at the park, or a tyre or rope in the tree at home, we all seem to have fond memories. Playing with siblings and friends, swinging across ditches or spinning round-and-round.

When sat on, our flexible belt swing seats grip the hips and provide a comfortable and supportive seat for your child as they swing. They are also designed to clip on and clip off should you wish to swap them with either a baby bucket or a trapeze.

Wooden Playhouses And Climbing Frames

Wooden outdoor toys look fantastic in your yard, and have a huge range of price points available so there's something sure to be available for anyone.

Wood is so versatile, there's a great selection of products available in our swing sets, range.

Trapeze Bar

Your child’s safety is our priority and so we have carefully chosen our swing set manufacturers with values that match our own. These swing sets all include trapeze bars that are made of the highest quality metal, plastic and rope, and are guaranteed to last, long after your children grows out of the swing set!

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Very happy with the Peak climbing frame. I managed to put almost the entire frame together myself on Sunday, just getting help with the tube slide and roof yesterday. Sand went in today and over the moon!! However we did chose to leave the monkey bars off for now as my son is only two. We just used an extra window panel to block off the hole. Now to pick him up from daycare so he can see it finished!!

5 out of 5 Stars!

5 out of 5 Stars!

Product Review by Alissa Australia on16/02/2016

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Peak Climbing Frame
Peak Climbing Frame
Peak Climbing Frame
Peak Video
Peak Video
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Next Generation Series

Layout Dimensions

Width Depth Height Weight
Metric 508.00cm 417.00cm 286.00cm 173.27
Imperial 16' 8'' 13' 8'' 9' 4'' 381.99 lbs

"Note: The stated dimensions are approximate and do not include a safety area. Please ensure you leave an appropriate safety area around the item. [Read More]"

Packaging Dimensions

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Box Name Part No Ean No Length Width Height Weight Cubed
Tube Slide B24966 875257049665 92.71cm 74.30cm 53.02cm 29.48 0.37 3' 0'' 2' 5'' 1' 8'' 64.99 lbs 1' 2''
48" High Rail Slide B24967 875257049672 213.36cm 41.91cm 20.96cm 9.07 0.19 7' 0'' 1' 4'' 0' 8'' 20.00 lbs 0' 7''
Peak Manual Peak Manual Peak Manual 0.00cm 0.00cm 0.00cm 0.00 0.00 0' 0'' 0' 0'' 0' 0'' 0.00 lbs 0' 0''
Selwood Next Gen A B24963 875257049634 182.88cm 31.43cm 7.62cm 12.25 0.05 6' 0'' 1' 0'' 0' 3'' 27.01 lbs 0' 1''
Selwood Next Gen B B24964 875257049641 114.30cm 51.75cm 7.78cm 8.16 0.05 3' 9'' 1' 8'' 0' 3'' 17.99 lbs 0' 1''
Selwood Next Gen D B24960 875257049603 110.50cm 55.25cm 29.85cm 37.00 0.18 3' 7'' 1' 9'' 0' 11'' 81.57 lbs 0' 7''
Selwood Next Gen E B24961 875257049610 227.33cm 38.10cm 24.77cm 61.00 0.22 7' 5'' 1' 3'' 0' 9'' 134.48 lbs 0' 8''
Selwood Next Gen F B24962 875257049627 116.84cm 55.88cm 12.70cm 15.00 0.08 3' 10'' 1' 10'' 0' 5'' 33.07 lbs 0' 3''
Total: 171.96 1.14
379.10 lbs 3' 8''

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