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Sandpits and Sandplay

Sandpits are one of the most popular outdoor toys in the UK, and increasingly wooden sandpits are proving popular with kids. Climbing Frames UK has got some fantastic sand boxes to complete its brilliant range of outdoor toys – all varying in size and design. We also have a selection of material styles available including wooden and plastic models.

Wooden Sandpits
All our sandpits are made from good quality treated wood to ensure that your new wooden sand pit will last and provide many years of fun and exciting outdoor play for your children. All of our sandpits come flat packed (including all wood and hardware) with easy to follow instructions making home build simple.

Plastic Sandpits and Water Play
We also have a selection of plastic sandpits and water play tables. The products we offer are from the most reputable brands ensuring that you can be relax and confident that your purchase will be good quality and last you and your children many years.

In addition to our excellent sandpit and sand play range you may also be interested in our ranges of climbing frames and trampolines.

Sandpit Buyer’s Guide

Whenever you buy the children something new for the garden, you need to be sure, not only that the kids will be happy, but also that the garden isn’t going to become an extension of their messy bedrooms! Storage is important to consider, especially when it comes to sand boxes as your little ones will accumulate ‘tools’ for creating their masterpieces (whether that be buckets and spades or particularly decorative pebbles and ‘borrowed’ Tupperware from the kitchen...). Many sand boxes are now designed to store toys after playtime has finished which is great news for Mum and Dad. No more dashing around the garden clearing away sand box debris!

Choosing a sand box is now a little trickier than before because there is so much choice nowadays. Deciding between a wooden or plastic model is important. Wooden models may look more aesthetically pleasing but plastic models may be more vibrant looking. Wooden models can be easily treated with stains and varnishes and will last longer than their plastic counterparts if looked after properly. However plastic sand boxes may be able to offer more in terms of additional plastic toys.

Benefits of Sand Play

Children can benefit greatly from playing with sand. It is a great way for them to improve their motor skills. They can give their imaginations free rein and improve their creative talents. Sand is safe and non-toxic giving parents peace of mind. It also works wonders on the digestive system – something every child makes the most of! 

Get your high quality wooden sandpit from our Sandpit Shop now! We have a huge range of sandpits available with both wooden sandpits and plastic sandpits