Wooden Playhouses - Children's Garden Playhouses

Wooden Playhouses 

Wooden playhouses look beautiful in your garden, especially when designed for children and crafted using our quality wood.  We have fantastic knowledge and experience of design and construction of wooden garden toys and have applied this to make some amazing playhouses.  With superb design features and subtle styling our playhouses are both fun and practical, and look great too.

Constructed from the same quality wood as our wooden garden playsets and climbing frames, and using our tough and durable hardware, our wooden playhouses are designed to offer years of fun and enjoyment.  Playhouses are a great way to develop you children's sense of imagination and play, and their own little wooden play house gives them somewhere to hideaway from adults and have fun with their siblings and friends, whether rain or shine.

Plastic Playhouses

Climbing Frames UK also stocks a selection of plastic playhouses that have been manufactured by some of the leading brands in children's outdoor and indoor toys. Plastic play houses are great if you have a limited budget, or a restricted space because they're normally smaller and slightly cheaper than a wooden playhouse. Plastic playhouses are ideal for young children and toddlers.

Playhouse Buyers Guide

A playhouse is so much more than just a toy. It also serves as a peaceful retreat away from reality where children can let their imaginations run wild as they create all sorts of fun games around it with their friends or on their own.

Which type of playhouse?

There is plenty of choice out there for those looking for a playhouse.  Of course it’s a personal choice as to whether you choose a fabric, plastic or wooden playhouse, but here are a few details on each as they all have their own benefits.

Wooden playhouses

Wooden playhouses score highest out of the three for durability. Wood is easily the most suitable material for a permanent outdoor structure as it ages beautifully in the garden, withstands weather conditions and blends in naturally with its surroundings.  Wooden playhouses are generally made from pre-drilled and pre-treated wood that comes in easy-to-assemble panels.  With just a little TLC (a coat of stain once a year is enough) a wooden playhouse will last for many years to come.  Wooden play house designs have progressed significantly over the years. You can now pay many thousands of pounds for a rather elaborate play house that is nearly as complete as a family home!

Plastic playhouses

Plastic playhouses are ideal for those looking for a “perfect” finish with only smooth edges and zero maintenance. They are easy to wipe clean and can handle outdoor weather conditions with minimal wear and tear.  Little Tikes, amongst other manufacturers, have a selection of sturdy and solid little playhouses in a variety of colours.  Plastic playhouses tend to be compact in layout and therefore best suited to smaller gardens where space is limited.

Fabric playhouses

Fabric playhouses or wendy houses tend to consist of a plastic frame with either a fabric or a plastic covering. They are affordable, quick and easy to erect, can be built inside or outside, require no maintenance, don’t take up too much space and are visually very attractive to young eyes - brightly coloured and often themed with their favourite cartoon characters.

Can a garden shed be used as a playhouse?

While it might be tempting to use a shed as a children’s playhouse, it’s worth remembering that a shed has not been designed with children and their safety in mind. Children who play in converted sheds run the risk of injury from glass in the windows and they could get their fingers trapped in hinges that are too big to be used safely by their little hands.  It is certainly worth choosing a structure that has been purposefully created for child’s play. It is also reassuring to know that the play equipment has undergone exhaustive safety testing.

Where to build your playhouse

Play houses without floors are a great idea, as it allows you to choose whether you want to place the house on a permanent concrete base, on the decking or patio, or directly on the lawn. The beauty is, you can move it from place to place with minimal disruption. As your children grow older and no longer need constant adult supervision, you may decide to move it to a more remote area of the garden.

Whatever you decide to choose for your family, a play house is a great investment, and can really help a child express themselves. It will give your children years of pleasure and allow them that vital piece of privacy that we all need.

How will a playhouse benefit my child?

As we all know, playing outside has many benefits for children of all ages. When children are very young, playing out of doors is an exciting experience – it’s the best place for children to explore and learn about their environment. All of those new sounds, textures and smells will keep youngsters occupied for a long time!

So you want to encourage your children to play outside... If a climbing frame isn’t the obvious option for whatever reason but you need to kit the garden out with something... How about a playhouse?

Not sure? Let us convince you!

Children are very sociable and, as they get older, they find it easier to interact with other children.

Encouraging four and five year olds to play with children their own age will allow them to build their confidence and let them find their independence. They’ll soon be flourishing in a safe environment, developing their social skills and learning more about themselves. Win, win, win!

At six and seven years old, children are also developing their sense of reasoning and imagination as well as their spatial awareness. A playhouse gives kids the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild.

Maybe the playhouse is a den where thieves can stash their hoard of gems? Perhaps it is a dragon’s cave with mountains of treasure piled high? Maybe the house belongs to a princess who has lots of pretty clothes and expensive belongings? Then again it could be a posh café, visited by posh passers-by!

If you think a playhouse is the perfect solution to encourage your little ones to play outside, then you have come to the right place. We have a fantastic range and our sales team will be more than happy to help you decide which playhouse is right for your children (and your budget!). 

Wooden playhouses and Wendy houses these are made from cedar wood and come with detailing that will keep young children fascinated for hours on end. Garden pots, doors and windows with social areas. You can customise playhouse inside to your heart's desire you and your little tyke have a blank canvas. Maybe frame some of their work or just a picture they like.