Outdoor Toys - Garden Toys, Playhouses and Sandpits

Outdoor Toys - Garden Toys, Playhouses and Sandpits

Playing outside is incredibly important for children. They can run around, socialise and develop their imaginations – all of which contribute to a well-balanced, healthy and memorable childhood.

Climbing Frames UK have developed an exciting range of outdoor toys that will encourage children to enjoy playing outdoors and allow Mum and Dad to have well-earned peace and quiet indoors.

Outdoor Toy Buyer’s Guide

So what do you look for when buying outdoor toys for your children? With such a large choice, it’s important to invest in something that is suitable for your children, your garden and your budget. Ask your children what their favourite activities are – do they like playing make-believe and building dens? If so, perhaps a playhouse is the best choice? Are they creative? Maybe a sand box is the best option.

Remember that our customer service team are here to help, no matter how small your enquiry. Don’t hesitate to get in touch should you need to.

Outdoor Toy Benefits

So how is outdoor play beneficial?

Playing outside helps develop a child’s motor skills and core strength – all that running around is great for a healthy body and mind. By playing with other children, they will develop their social skills and their confidence, which in turn will set them up for later life when they’ll need to be able to communicate and negotiate effectively with others.  Outdoor play also encourages children to learn more about themselves, to discover and surpass their limits. Opportunities that challenge children to discover more about themselves and their environment also help them to develop intellectually.

The safest playground for children is the back garden – so why not kit it out with everything your child needs to be happy and active?

Outdoor Toys and Garden Toys from Climbing Frames UK includes a superb range of quality wooden playhouses and sandpits that will look beautiful in any garden. Playhouses are made from cedar and wooden parts have a 10 year warranty

Outdoor Toys

Our complete range of wooden climbing frames is shown below. If you have any questions about our range please read our FAQ pages, or contact our customer service team via our live chat service.