Next Generation Series

Next Generation Series Climbing Frames from Climbing Frames UK

The Next Generation Series is our latest collection. Featuring a number of clever innovations, including panelised construction, which not only helps to reduce the size of boxes delivered, but also decrease the amount of time taken to construct. Through another clever innovation the sets are now also more rigid thanks to the intelligent design structure. Feature all of your favouite play features including swings, trapeze bars, cafe counters, tube and straight slide, the Next Generation Climbing Frames range features a series of playsets to please everyone.

Next Generation Series Buyer's Guide

The Next Generation Series is ideal for anyone looking for something different, or individual features, as this range has some exclusive features, such as the the kitchenette feature.

Next Generation Series Benefits

The Next Generation Series has a variety of Climbing Frames in different shapes and sizes to meet your needs. It features a range of wooden and tarpaulin roofs depending on your preference.

Next Generation Series

Our complete range of wooden climbing frames is shown below. If you have any questions about our range please read our FAQ pages, or contact our customer service team via our live chat service.