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Product Features

The Sunview Climbing Frame is perfect your younger children, and those with smaller gardens. This cedar climbing frame is made from a strong sturdy 'A' shape design, ensuring the structure is small but compact and strong, but has the advantage that there is less wood use than in the straight leg climbing frames, meaning it is cheaper. This climbing frame has a lower 1m deck height, but still includes some great play features such as the swings, slide and rockwall. 

Please note: We only have 15 available these likely to sell out within 48hrs.

Fort Features

The tower itself has a 100cm deck height and enables space for children to sit or crawl across to access the slide, which ideal for younger children. Either side of the deck is support rails which act as handy hand grips, roof supports and safety rails to ensure children can't accidentally fall from the deck. The roof of the fort is manufactured from a UV resistant vinyl which will offer shade in the summer months and shelter from rain and snow in the colder months.

Swing Features

To the side of the fort there is the swing beam which has two belt swings made from flexible plastic to support your children, each with a weight limit of 50kg. If you wish you can add a baby bucket or high back baby seat if you have younger children, or a trapeze bar if you have older children. As will all our our swings they easily clip on and off within seconds.

Slide Features

The Sunview slide is unique to us, and is about 180cm long. The slide is double reinforced at the back to ensure it's plenty strong enough for children to slide down in addition to climbing up! The slide is slightly shorter than our normal slides, because the deck on the Sunview is slightly lower. 

Climbing Features

The combination rockwall ladder is perfect for younger children because it includes both coloured climbing rocks and slats for a combination of fun and secure hand/foot holds.

Play Features

On the Sunview the base can also be converted into a sandpit using some ground sheeting and play sand (not included). We recommend using approximately five 15kg bags of play sand to fill it.

Installation & Footprint

The Sunview comes with all required fixings, pre drilled wood and a fully illustrated instruction manual. The Sunview footprint measures approximately 2.6m wide by 2.95m deep (without safety area) which is very compact and great for smaller gardens.

This climbing frame is designed for children aged between 3 and 10 years of age and is tested (EN-71 & ASTM) to meet requirements for private residential use – this set is not suitable for commercial use.

Straight Slide

Straight slide with an added wave gives thrilling descents from climbing frames! Our slides have extra high rails at the top of slide to help children get onto the slide and help prevent any falls. The bottom of the slide is flatter, to help children end with their feet (and not their bottoms!) on the ground. No more bumps and bruises and no more grass stains! The slides are made of durable, green plastic - a perfect colour choice during the summer as it won't attract the bugs! We have also reinforced the rear of our slides to make them extra strong, and to easily stand up to children running the wrong way up them!

Rockwall Ladder

This slatted rock wall ladder offers the best of both worlds for little climbers. For those who are feeling a little more adventurous, the moulded plastic climbing rocks are a natural choice for a daring climb. For those with a little less confidence, then the spaces between the ladder slats will provide an easier ascent to the top! The spaces between the slats are also easy to climb down - ideal if the queue for the slide is too long! Our rock wall ladders are a combination to ensure that all ages of children can enjoy them and maximise their use from the play set. 

1m (3ft) High Deck

The 1m (3ft 3ins) play deck height refers to the distance from the ground to the climbing frames deck.  Therefore the higher the deck height the further from the ground the deck is, the longer the rockwall  to get up, and the slide to ride down. 

Which deck height is most suitable for my children?

This is the lowest deck height we offer and is great for those people with younger children. However, it is important to bear in mind that this is a purchase to be enjoyed for many years and although you may be nervous your youngest children won't be up to climbing onto a 1m deck, they'll grow up before you realise and be confidently clambering the rockwall/ladder and excitedly coming down the slide. 

Our sets are aimed at children from 3-10 years old, so the 1m deck is ideal for those situated in the lower end of that age bracket. The shorter deck is easier to climb and a little less daunting for younger or smaller children. 

Vinyl Roof

Climbing Frames UK range of playsets and climbing frames come with either a durable, water-resistant and UV-resistant tarp roof, or a fully wooden roof. The tarp's are usually found on smaller,cheaper playsets, and provide protection through the summer months from the sun so the kids can enjoy the warm weather without running the risk of getting burnt. The tarp is also water-resistant so the kids can take cover during scattered showers! 

Sandpit Area

Climbing Frames UK have a huge range of playsets and wooden climbing frames with a sand pit area below the fort deck. Simply add a weed suppressant membrane and some bags of play sand and you'll have a fantastic sandbox for your children to play in.

Small Gardens

Climbing Frames UK range of climbing frames for small gardens. We specialise in providing climbing frames designed for UK gardens, and as new housing estates get built our houses and gardens are getting smaller, meaning many people are trying to find a suitable climbing frame for a small garden.

Our range of kids wooden climbing frames for small gardens include a range of features, ensuring you can get a basic fort with slide, or can get a great specification, with playhouse, rockwall, and monkey bars too if you wish. Children love to climb, swing and slide, so wooden play equipment from Climbing Frames UK will ensure they're kept active and entertained.

To make your shopping experience as easy as possible, the garden play equipment shown below is what we believe is the  range of climbing frames which are ideal for smaller spaces and suited to those with small gardens, however if you wish to view our full climbing frames range please click here.

Our climbing frames are specifically designed to ensure they are entertaining and safe, and are manufactured to meet both EN-71 and ASTM safety standards. This ensures they're suitable for children aged from 3-12, and our excellent range of features ensures they'll be challenged and entertained whatever their age. From our fun slides, to our monkey bars, our climbing frames for small gardens will ensure you're the most popular parents on the street.


Swings have been around forever and everyone remembers enjoying swings from their childhood, whether it be playing at the park, or a tyre or rope in the tree at home, we all seem to have fond memories. Playing with siblings and friends, swinging across ditches or spinning round-and-round.

When sat on, our flexible belt swing seats grip the hips and provide a comfortable and supportive seat for your child as they swing. They are also designed to clip on and clip off should you wish to swap them with either a baby bucket or a trapeze.

Wooden Playhouses And Climbing Frames

Wooden outdoor toys look fantastic in your yard, and have a huge range of price points available so there's something sure to be available for anyone.

Wood is so versatile, there's a great selection of products available in our swing sets, range.

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The climbing frame is exactly what we wanted and just as described on the website. Our daughter and her friends absolutely love it. Have already spent many hours enjoying themselves. It did take 4 or 5 hours for two of us to put together but the instructions were pretty good and nothing too challenging. Apart from one piece where the holes were not quite aligned (it needed a little persuading to get the bolt in) it seemed like excellent build quality and should sit proudly in our garden for many years to come.

5 out of 5 Stars!

5 out of 5 Stars!

Product Review by David White United Kingdom on29/08/2015


Really pleased, the kids love it! My boyfriend reckons it was easy to build and it is very sturdy. Slide is fast and great fun. Our garden isn't that big and it is the perfect size for what we needed. Highly recommend.

5 out of 5 Stars!

5 out of 5 Stars!

Product Review by Gemma Fletcher United Kingdom on11/08/2014


Excellent service and very quick delivery. The climbing frame took a fair few hours to assemble and you definitely need two people! It is excellent value for money and very sturdy. My two little ones love playing on it and it is the perfect size for our modest garden.

5 out of 5 Stars!

5 out of 5 Stars!

Product Review by Katherine Price United Kingdom on11/08/2014

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Sunview Junior Climbing Frame Footprint Sunview Junior Climbing Frame


Sunview Instruction Manual



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Layout Dimensions

Width Depth Height Weight
Metric 314.00cm 272.00cm 225.00cm 64.00
Imperial 10' 3'' 8' 11'' 7' 4'' 141.09 lbs

"Note: The stated dimensions are approximate and do not include a safety area. Please ensure you leave an appropriate safety area around the item. [Read More]"

Packaging Dimensions

Switch to Metric Measurements Switch to Imperial Measurements
Box Name Part No Ean No Length Width Height Weight Cubed
Sunview Box1 SVbox1 12 212.00cm 35.00cm 23.00cm 55.00 0.17 6' 11'' 1' 1'' 0' 9'' 121.25 lbs 0' 6''
Straight Slide (1m) 24545 875257045452 180.34cm 39.37cm 17.78cm 6.01 0.13 5' 11'' 1' 3'' 0' 7'' 13.25 lbs 0' 5''
Total: 61.01 0.3
134.50 lbs 0' 11''

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