Frequently Asked Assembly Questions


Q: Can I use sand or mulch for the base of the playset?
A: Sand, mulch, rubber bark, and other soft materials are great for the ground under the playset area. However, the playset should NOT rest on these materials. You should make sure the ground is level and solid, if necessary use paving stones or other solid materials as the footers for the playset. You must also secure the set with stakes provided. Once the playset is securely resting on these solid footings, then you can surround it with your favorite soft material.

Q: How much safety area is required for the playset?
A: We recommend approximately 1.8m (6ft) perimeter around the set. We suggest positioning the set to ensure there's plenty of room for children to access and use the swing, slide and climbing features. 

Q: Can i place the playset against a wall or fence?
A: No, we would always suggest leaving a safety area around your set. This ensures there's enough space to move around the set, and to provide a safe area to fall should children have an accident when climbing, sliding or jumping on or around the playset. 

Q: How do I get started assembling the set?
A: We STRONGLY recommend taking out all the parts and laying them on the ground or garage floor before you assemble anything. Match the parts with the parts list in the manual and mark them. This will also help you identify any parts that might be missing. Once everything is laid out, then begin assembling step by step from the manual.

Q: Do you offer an installation service?
A: We can recommend a specialist playset installation company, so if you are pushed for time or don’t feel up to the build then please click for further information on national installation services.

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