Community Projects

Here at Climbing Frames UK we pride ourselves on the fact that we are a global company based in rural Suffolk. Under the name of our parent company, Selwood Products, we work hard to involve ourselves in community projects and provide sponsorship to causes close to our heart. As well as providing support to local causes we are also staunch believers in responsible forestry. A major percentage of our products are made from Cedar wood and we have made it our mission to ensure all wood that we use is certified by either the FSC or SFI. It is vital to us that mindless deforestation, and the wider implications it has, is put to an end. SFI Sustainable Forestry Initiative and Forrest Stewardship Council share the goals of promoting sustainable forest management working with local groups to help the forests be managed in a sustainable manner. This is to protect water quality, biodiversity, wildlife habitat. Forests have exceptional value to the world on so many levels aesthetic beauty, taking in large chunks of carbon dioxide and of course for building materials that are sustainable in the longer term that includes our wooden climbing frames.




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Windale Climbing Frame

Windale Climbing Frame

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