Olympia Series Climbing Frames from Climbing Frames UK

Olympia Series Climbing Frames from Climbing Frames UK

Olympia Series playsets are manufactured by Selwood Products. Utilising the same quality fort structure and featuring the same beautiful fully wooden roof, the Olympia range will look stunning in any garden.

The Olympia range had a selection of sets to make the range available to anyone, with specifications including swing options, a wooden playhouse package and slide variations to ensure there's a set which suits most gardens.

Olympia Series Buyer's Guide

If you're looking for a wooden roof then this is the range for you, including beauftiful cedar wood construction, large protective roof and great specification, including large play deck, strong legs and sturdy build.

You might also consider the Admiral Series if you'd like to see other wooden roof sets with 1.2m (4ft) deck heights, or the Infinity Series if you'd like to view our range of 1.5m (5ft) deck height sets - which also include our amazing, and exclusive, spiral tube slide!

Olympia Series Benefits

The Olympia Series offers all of the best features from the Selwood Products range of playsets, including large dimension uprights, large 122cm (4ft) by 91cm (3ft) play deck, chalk wall, and cabin style window.  This, in addition to the extra features available throughout the range give a wonderful playset for you children, at a price that is guaranteed to be the best in the UK.

Olmpia Series Climbing Frames from Climbing Frames UK feature swings, slide & fully wooden roof, making these cedar playsets unbeatable quality & value

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