Climbing frames and playsets from our Creations Series

Creations Climbing Frames from Climbing Frames UK

Our Creations Series is by best selling US manufacturer Playset Creations of which we are the largest supplier in the UK. All sets are made from high quality cedar wood.

Our Creations Series also includes some premium sets which any child would be proud to call their own.

Creations Buyer's Guide

The Creations Series is perfect for anybody with a mid to large sized garden, with the exception of the Belfort Prestige which is perfect for a smaller garden. All of these sets are a hit with our customers.

Creations Benefits

The Creations Series will occupy your children for hours, with so many play options on each Climbing Frame, it's easy to see why. 

Large wooden climbing frames & playsets from our Creations Series. These include high swings, long slides and forts that are reached by solid rock walls