Climbing Frames Story

Climbing Frames Story

The beginning of time – Humans have been climbing, clambering and scaling things since the beginning of time.

5th Century BC – Drawings of women and children playing on swings have been discovered on Greek vases.

1500’s – Leonardo da Vinci draws the early beginnings of a see-saw. Which is now owned by Bill Gates.

1890-1900 – Due to a change in child labour laws in the US there were far fewer children heading out to work and many more with nothing to do. This led to the birth of the playground.

1920 – Lawyer Sebastian Hinton patents the jungle gym in Chicago, USA.

1945 – Commercial swing sets become available to the mass market.

1960s – Swingsets become more creative with the addition of integrated slides and funky designs.

1960’s – The term ‘monkey bars’ is invented

1970’s – Popularity of the safer, wooden playsets soar. In particular, frames made from white and red cedar wood.

1990 – EN71 Toy safety standards established. All toys sold in the European Union must comply with EN71 requirements.

2004 – Climbing Frames UK goes live selling high-quality play sets at unbeatable prices.

2012 – The Climbing Frames UK 2012 range launches. This is our most varied and exciting range to date. We have ensured that everyone and anyone can find a playset to meet their needs and their budgets.

2016 – The Next Generation climbing frames are brought in and have radically reduced build time compared with older sets. 


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Windale Climbing Frame

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