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Cedar Valley Lodge Climbing Frame
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The Cedar View Resort is approximately 5.84m in width and 3.18m in depth and is ideal for families with large gardens.

The tower itself features many exciting features including an enclosed lower playhouse complete with windows and a barn-style door. It features a deck height of 1.5m which can be accessed at the back by a solid rock wall with brightly coloured climbing rocks or an adjacent ladder and the finishing touches to this are the two metal safety grips and handrail.

At the top your children can peer out over the garden, and pretend that they are in a pirate ship with the telescope and captains wheel which come as standard. At the top there is a crow’s nest which your children can look out of before shooting down the enclosed tube slide for a thrilling descent back to the ground.

Outside the lower playhouse there is a spin chalk sign which is perfect for sparking your children’s imagination if they want to play shops or restaurants –they can even have the daily specials on display!

To the right of this impressive tower there is a heavy duty swing beam which is adjustable for uneven surfaces and features two belt swings and heavy duty trapeze bar – perfect for the small gymnasts among us.

The Cedar View Resort is made from top quality cedar wood, and comes with all necessary hardware, pre drilled wood and a fully illustrated instruction manual and even a DVD with step by step instructions.

This climbing frame is designed for children aged between 3 and 10 years of age and is tested (EN-71 & ASTM) to meet requirements for private residential use – this set is not suitable for commercial use.


Ladders provide a safe and easy entry into a climbing frame utilising easy grip rungs or flat steps to allow children to safely get up onto the playset deck to access the additional features such as cabin windows, chalk wall, or slide entrance. Step ladders also enable safe exit from a treehouse fort.

Tube Slide

Climbing Frames UK have the best selection of slides available, and nothing comes better than our exclusive enclosed tube slide. This is the crème de la crème of slides, measuring 12ft (3.65m) long this amazing slide takes up minimal space in your garden but offers an amazing ride for your children! It spirals once in the middle and is flat at the bottom so children end with their feet (and not their bottoms!) on the ground. 


1.5m (5ft) High Deck

The 1.52m (5ft) play deck height refers to the distance from the ground to the climbing frames deck. Therefore the higher the deck height the further from the ground the deck is, the longer the rock wall  to get up, and the slide to ride down. The five foot decks can accommodate the very popular tube slides. With the higher decks you get a greater view down to gardens and beyond, just be check that your neighbors are okay with the structure as it will be above most garden fences.    

Which deck height is most suitable for my children?

The higher the height of the deck the more challenging and adventurous the climbing frame becomes. The climb up to the deck is higher and the slide down is longer. The higher deck means that as your children grow they will still be able to get enjoyment from their frame even as they get much older. 

One great benefit of purchasing a climbing frame with a 1.5m (5ft) deck height is that the deck size also increases as the deck gets higher. This means the play sets are able to cater to several siblings, and their friends without any problem at all, and as the older ones can still play on it they are kept busy and active too.

Wooden Roof

Climbing frames with fully wooden roofs look amazing in your garden and provide your with a strong sturdy playset that will protect them from sunshine or rain.

Our playsets come with either a vinyl tarp roof, or a fully wooden roof.  

Playhouse Package

Climbing Frames UK has a huge range of playsets and wooden climbing frames with fully incorporated wooden playhouse packages. The playhouse is situated directly below the fort play deck, and includes a door, two playhouse windows and a serving wall with two stools.

Small Gardens

Climbing Frames UK range of climbing frames for small gardens. We specialise in providing climbing frames designed for UK gardens, and as new housing estates get built our houses and gardens are getting smaller, meaning many people are trying to find a suitable climbing frame for a small garden.

Our range of kids wooden climbing frames for small gardens include a range of features, ensuring you can get a basic fort with slide, or can get a great specification, with playhouse, rockwall, and monkey bars too if you wish. Children love to climb, swing and slide, so wooden play equipment from Climbing Frames UK will ensure they're kept active and entertained.

To make your shopping experience as easy as possible, the garden play equipment shown below is what we believe is the  range of climbing frames which are ideal for smaller spaces and suited to those with small gardens, however if you wish to view our full climbing frames range please click here.

Our climbing frames are specifically designed to ensure they are entertaining and safe, and are manufactured to meet both EN-71 and ASTM safety standards. This ensures they're suitable for children aged from 3-12, and our excellent range of features ensures they'll be challenged and entertained whatever their age. From our fun slides, to our monkey bars, our climbing frames for small gardens will ensure you're the most popular parents on the street.

Medium Garden

Medium gardens make a great home for a whole host of our fabulous climbing frames. However, we do advise that you carefully consider the size of the garden you plan to put the climbing frame in before making your final decision. We have a fantastic range of climbing frames that are ideal for those with medium sized gardens. Climbing Frames UK truly believe you don’t need a huge outdoor space to get a playset full of exciting features. 

Large Gardens

Those lucky things with large gardens will be able to make the most of our outdoor climbing frames. Although all our playsets have a wonderful range of play features, it makes sense that the bigger playsets can accommodate more features such as the monkey bars. Large gardens are also able to make the most of our wide variety of accessories and additional extras like picnic tables, wooden playhouses or sand tables. 

Solid Rockwall

The solid rock wall features multi-coloured climbing rocks and wavy detailing at the edges. This climbing rock wall is great for older children who are up for a challenge! Not only it is fun to use but also has physical benefits such as improving children’s motor skills, hand-eye coordination and upper and lower body strength.


Swings have been around forever and everyone remembers enjoying swings from their childhood, whether it be playing at the park, or a tyre or rope in the tree at home, we all seem to have fond memories. Playing with siblings and friends, swinging across ditches or spinning round-and-round.

When sat on, our flexible belt swing seats grip the hips and provide a comfortable and supportive seat for your child as they swing. They are also designed to clip on and clip off should you wish to swap them with either a baby bucket or a trapeze.

Wooden Playhouses And Climbing Frames

Wooden outdoor toys look fantastic in your yard, and have a huge range of price points available so there's something sure to be available for anyone.

Wood is so versatile, there's a great selection of products available in our swing sets, range.

Trapeze Bar

Your child’s safety is our priority and so we have carefully chosen our swing set manufacturers with values that match our own. These swing sets all include trapeze bars that are made of the highest quality metal, plastic and rope, and are guaranteed to last, long after your children grows out of the swing set!

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Cedar Valley Lodge from Cedar Summit Play Sets on Vimeo.

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My little boy absolutely loves this climbing frame! The assembly instructions are easy to understand and with each part being numbered putting it together is very straight forward! I cannot fault it or the company in anyway!!

5 out of 5 Stars!

5 out of 5 Stars!

Product Review by David McSweeney United Kingdom on20/04/2016


Our younger children of 4 and 2 love love love this climbing frame. We struggle to keep our 10 and 14 year old off it. Took about 2 full days to put together. It is extremely sturdy and doesn't move once built. Instructions were very clear and easy to follow.

5 out of 5 Stars!

5 out of 5 Stars!

Product Review by Catherine johnson United Kingdom on03/08/2015

20150503_185213__03-05-2015-6-20-24.jpg We are from Austria and we are very happy with your Climbing Frame. Look at my Childrens they are so happy

5 out of 5 Stars!

5 out of 5 Stars!

Product Review by Markus Palmetzhofer United Kingdom on03/05/2015

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Product Videos

Cedar Valley Lodge from Cedar Summit Play Sets on Vimeo.

Cedar Valley Lodge Product

Cedar Valley Lodge from Cedar Summit Play Sets on Vimeo.

Cedar Valley Lodge Thumb
Cedar Valley Lodge Climbing Frame Cedar Valley Lodge Climbing Frame


Cedar Valley Lodge Instructions


Big Backyard


Clermont Series

Layout Dimensions

Width Depth Height Weight
Metric 584.20cm 317.50cm 320.00cm 250.00
Imperial 19' 2'' 10' 5'' 10' 5'' 551.15 lbs

"Note: The stated dimensions are approximate and do not include a safety area. Please ensure you leave an appropriate safety area around the item. [Read More]"

Packaging Dimensions

Switch to Metric Measurements Switch to Imperial Measurements
Box Name Part No Ean No Length Width Height Weight Cubed
Cedar Valley Lodge Box 2 CVL2 1234 277.00cm 108.00cm 9.21cm 80.00 0.27 9' 1'' 3' 6'' 0' 3'' 176.37 lbs 0' 10''
Cedar Valley Lodge Box 3 CVL3 12345 282.00cm 110.00cm 8.90cm 40.00 0.28 9' 3'' 3' 7'' 0' 3'' 88.18 lbs 0' 11''
Cedar Valley Lodge Box 4 CVL4 1234567 194.00cm 110.00cm 10.80cm 45.00 0.23 6' 4'' 3' 7'' 0' 4'' 99.21 lbs 0' 9''
Cedar Valley Lodge Box 5 CVL5 12345678 110.00cm 61.60cm 10.80cm 27.00 0.07 3' 7'' 2' 0'' 0' 4'' 59.52 lbs 0' 2''
Cedar Valley Lodge Box 6 CVL6 123456789 80.30cm 52.07cm 71.12cm 27.00 0.30 2' 7'' 1' 8'' 2' 4'' 59.52 lbs 0' 11''
Cedar Valley Lodge Box 1 CVL1 123 111.80cm 25.40cm 10.16cm 40.00 0.03 3' 8'' 0' 10'' 0' 4'' 88.18 lbs 0' 1''
Total: 259 1.18
570.99 lbs 3' 10''

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