How to choose a Playhouse that is right for you!

blue and white wooden playhouse

Wooden playhouse

With a huge range of wooden playhouses on the market, where do you start? Here’s a helpful guide to point you in the right direction to choosing the right playhouse for you.

Buying a playhouse can feel like a big investment but if you choose the right one for you and your children, it will last for many years and become a treasured play area for the little ones and their friends! They’ll love inviting their friends or siblings around to explore their new home, and this wonderful gift will provide a special space for their independence and creativity to flourish.

Playhouses are great for getting your children out in the fresh air, getting them active and allowing their imaginations to set the theme of the play – with the added bonus of getting them to leave the television and computers behind!

With such a wide variety of playhouses on the market, and so many different designs, colours and materials to choose from, it’s a difficult choice to make.

Some of the things to think about when choosing your playhouse are:


Playhouse Choice

Along with the huge range of playhouses that are available, there is naturally a huge range of price tags that come with them. Set your budget before you start seriously looking, as this will narrow down the selection that’s suitable for you. Prices can range greatly, so it’s also important to think about the aspects and features you’d like your playhouse to have, and this will then narrow your search further, leaving you with a manageable selection to look explore that’s within a price range you’re comfortable with.

 Playhouse Size

Once you have decided where your new playhouse is going to be located you can think about how much space you’ve got set aside within this location, and therefore how big your new playhouse can be. Playhouses come in a range of shapes and sizes; some are at ground level with or without an internal platform while some are raised on stilts with a slide and ladder.

When setting aside space for your new playhouse, remember to leave enough space around the playhouse for the initial assembly and maintenance over the coming years, as well as making sure there are no obstructions so the little one can access the playhouse easily. When you’ve decided how much space you have for your playhouse, narrow your search to playhouses of this size or smaller.

Playhouse Features

Think about whether you’d like a playhouse with a slide and ladder or a ground level playhouse, or perhaps a ground level playhouse with an internal platform. This can depend on the age of your child and which features you feel are appropriate. Once you’ve chosen the type of features you’d like, narrow your search to reflect this while still reflecting your preferred size and price range.

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Wooden Playhouse

The usual materials for playhouses are wood or plastic. Wooden playhouses are more pleasing to the eye with a beautiful, traditional look and feel for long-term use, while plastic playhouses usually provide short-term play and are usually very small, catering for very young children, also with plastic it is very likely that the colour will fade from sun exposure over the years.

Playhouse Assembly

Most playhouses come flat packed and are generally quite easy to erect with a little bit of DIY. Wooden playhouses are more permanent than plastic playhouses, as plastic playhouses can usually be moved when not in use. The permanent nature of wooden playhouses makes them very durable and secure while the assembly is very simple. Our wooden playhouses come with instructions and each panel includes predrilled holes, so it’s easy to see where to put the screws. Some people choose to hire an installation service, however, this can be expensive, so we’ve made sure our playhouses are simple to assemble with no special tools or skills needed. We do recommend that a friend helps with assembly, though, as it can be a little fiddly.

For some great tips on installation please read our blog on Assembly Advice

Playhouse Maintenance

Plastic playhouses generally just need cleaning, but once faded by the sun, they become hard to revive. Wooden playhouses need slightly more attention and should be treated annually to keep the colour, but a little bit of TLC will make sure a wooden playhouse will look beautiful throughout all seasons and last for many years.
Please Note: You do not need to treat the wood to validate the warranty.

They are also made from the same quality wood as our climbing frames which come with a 10-year guarantee against rot and decay, so you know you are getting a top quality product.


 Playhouses are built with safety in mind and come with a number of safety precautions such as safety hinges, smoothed edges and soft-close magnets on the doors to protect little fingers.

Plastic playhouses usually have rounded corners and are smooth to touch. They often have small gaps in the edges of doors and windows to prevent fingers from getting trapped.

Wooden playhouses have safety hinges and are smoothed as much as possible to avoid splinters or sharp edges. A coat of paint or treatment will also help get a smoother finish on the wood if required.

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