We are really pleased to have the brand new 2012 range of JumpKing Air trampolines. Trampolining has really taken off recently as a great way to exercise for both adults and children alike. There is nothing better than exercising and having fun at the same time! In this blog, we’d like to address some of the safety aspects we are regularly asked about by customers who are interested in purchasing a trampoline from us.

First of all the trampolines come with a protection pad which covers the springs so that you do not hurt your feet if you accidentally land on the outer edge of the trampoline. The matting is made from polyethylene and contains 155mm closed cell foam. It is green in colour.

Our JumpKing Air trampolines also come with a safety net as standard. The net encloses the trampoline and fastens with a zip. Four foam covered poles support the net. The poles curve in slightly at the top to keep the net from slackening. This means that no matter how high you jump, you will always be protected by the net.

The trampoline’s main structure is made from galvanised steel, which means it will not rust. The structure is designed to last – it can withstand the changeable English weather!
The trampoline bed (the part you jump on!) is made from strong polypropylene. The weight limit depends on the size of the trampoline you choose, but as a guideline, a 10ft JumpKing Air trampoline can hold up to 90kgs before being strained. That means that an adult could use the trampoline without worrying.

With all of these great safety features, you can have peace of mind that your children can play outside, in a safe environment and have fun. Keeping active is very important to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle but it doesn’t need to be boring. All the family can benefit from a JumpKing Air trampoline – take a look at our range today!

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  1. Lucie Stocker - August 21, 2012

    We have got the 10ft JumpKing Air trampoline. Service was excellent. The trampoline arrived in 2 days after placing the order and it was really easy to build. My neighbour and I built it in 2 hours and now all of our kids use the trampoline after school. My husband and I had a cheeky bounce when the kids went to bed – we had as much fun as the kids did!

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