What Makes Our New Thunder Ridge So Special?

What Makes Our New Thunder Ridge So Special?

Our new Thunder Ridge Climbing Frame designed by selwood is really everything you could want from a frame…and at under £800 it is extremely good value for money!

Perfect for all ages and ideal for larger gardens this frame comes with some great features including:

  • 2 Swings and a Glider
  • Picnic Table
  • Cafe Counter
  • 1.5m Slide
  • Monkey Bars
  • Step Ladder
  • Upper Playhouse

Thunder ridge 2

This play set provides the perfect entertainment for your children and their friends over the summer months,  ideal for older kids or those with a sense of adventure! The Thunder Ridge has a 5ft deck height which has more headspace for those taller children and the Selwood Monkeybars which are a much-loved childhood favourite, are a great way to improve children’s motor skills and co-ordination!

The frame is also suitable for the younger or imaginative children with the Cafe bar which allows them to play shop or restaurant. Also, the Picnic Table which offers a place for relaxation and provides an opportunity to sit and talk, colour, paint and play games with siblings or friends.

To find out more about the New Thunder Ridge Climbing Frame please go to our website.


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