Tanya’s Play Area

Tanya’s Play Area

A plain ordinary garden transformed into play area fit for the pink princesses. Sometimes parents go the extra mile for kids and really make something a little special, this is one of those occasions. Two lucky girls have been made a fantastic play area that many kids would be jealous of, but I’m sure they’ll have fun at birthday parties where hosting kids will now be so very easy.

What started out as a large garden I’m sure at one time lovely feature garden out that wasn’t quite right for the two princesses. and they had outgrown the little kid’s toys and now wanted something way bigger, mum and dad also wanted lush green grass that was nice and easy to look after.


Enter the digger, flattening the mounds making it all ready for some new grass. Flattening will also give more space for kids to play in and if you want to install some nice play equipment that needs an even surface.


This is much more like it, the end result is a nice flat garden and they the grass has covered the new area wonderfully. This is the dream for many, but what is lurking under the black cloth? Yes, There’s more to come!


Decking! And furniture for grown-ups, but what about the kids? What’s that in the distance I see something


Look who we’ve found outside a little playhouse, cooking up a storm and chatting to friends on a phone. This is a Georgian Manor playhouse and with the pink, it’s perfect for the two princesses to play because you know they love pink and they love the sunglasses too.


Cooking didn’t go so well, and they used the phone to call the grown-ups for a snack. Yes, the playhouse hob didn’t get too warm so crisps and drink were needed luckily the picnic table is just for them it’s kids sized so they are comfortable eating outside, still looking good in the shades ladies.


Time to go for a swing it super easy using the belt swings. Easier to use than solid swings as they keep them all safe and secure no falling off. Even if you do look at that play bark, these two have it all. (climbing frame shown has a 1.2m critical fall height so it can be fitted directly onto grass)


Another little playhouse in here and young ladies can climb the ladder to reach the fort. Later they can try out the green rock moulds to reach the top climbing.


Ahhhh how do they get down? These slides side by side do the trick a quick and easy way down. Don’t worry they have rails to hold on to just in case its a little scary first time. I have a feeling that soon a race will happen between them.


IMG_7481Wow, what a play area! and what a time it must have been to create this it’s a really nice area that will no doubt be enjoyed by the family for yeas to come. The products featured include a Duke Climbing Frame, Georgian Manor Playhouse and Selwood Picnic.

Thanks to Tanya for letting us have these photos we are very much appreciative and hope you have a wonderful time with all the gear.



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