Why Our Swings Are The Best!!

Why Our Swings Are The Best!!

At Climbing Frames UK we don’t use the ‘normal’ type of hard, plastic swing seats. We use flexible plastic belt swings.

These are much more comfortable for your child, as the swing seat will wrap around their hips and make a more comfortable seat.

The reason we use these Belt Swings are mainly for Safety! They are MUCH more safer than the normal ‘park type’ swings you see. If you have a child on the swings, pushing and swing or not looking where they are walking, the child will not hurt them self if they come into contact with the seats. They are soft and felaxble. Much better than walking/getting hit with a big hard plastic or wood seat!

We also use rope on our swings rather than chain! This is also for safety reasons. Have you ever been on a swing with chain and got a nasty nip from it? They hurt! You’re child won’t get any nasty nips from our rope swings!

The swing seat itself is also UV-resistant meaning it won’t fade in the sun!

This is why are Belt Swings are the best!

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