Swings – The World’s Top 10 Amazing Swings!

Here are some of the world’s top 10 amazing swings in our eyes here at Climbing Frames UK.
See what you think too them and if you agree? Would you be brave enough to go on some of these?
Or would you even want one in your home? Let us know!
1 – The Swing Table

The Swing Table seeks to add a little fun to your business meeting or family dinner.
This four poster table uses its structure to suspend a central GEO lampshade and eight hanging chairs that sway playfully.

This design creates an exceptionally fun experience and aesthetic, creating a room within a room, with chairs that float around the table, which also make vacuuming a breeze.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing” – George Bernard Shaw
2 – Bubble Swing

How cool would this bubble swing/seat
be in your garden? Or even in your house!

There are so many ways you can use this chair.

Chill out in the garden in the summer, read a book and relax.

Let the children play games and colour in using the ‘fun’ chair and so much more.

3 -Tyre Swing

This tyre swing offers endless hours of fun for the kids
and even the grown-ups!

This is sturdy and water/weatherproof with approximately 2.5m of 12mm tensile tested rope.

These type of swings are made from rubber tyre and aluminium.

the children love them!
4 – Tree Swing

I love this picture of the swing.

It is in a beautiful location with a view across the fields and mountains.

This beautiful Tree swing allocated in the Agoura Hills, California.

It reminds me of my childhood and how much children appreciate the simple things in life.


5 – The beach swing


I love this picture!

How amazing would it be to have this swing and beach not far from your house?
I would love it!

I can imagine the hot air and light breeze blowing through your hair as you swing from the tree.


6 – Home Swing

This home swing would be brilliant on a rainy day.

If the children get bored of playing indoors but it is poor weather outside they can still play on the swing.

This would also be great for relaxing on after a hard day or to even to chill out and read a book on.

There are many was yo use the swing – you could use it in the kitchen or
living room or even in the kids bedrooms.
7 – Trampoline Bed Swing

Trampolines are fun, no matter your age or athletic inclination.

But what to do when you’ve got a wrecked trampoline on your hands?

Here’s an excellent adaptive reuse idea:
turn your broken trampoline into a circular swing bed!

8 -Buoy Ball Swing

This swing is created with a trapeze bar and
a buoy ball swing accessory.

This would be great fun to play on,
The children love it!

A swing like this could be easily made by yourself at home
or purchased online.

This swing is attached to Trapeze bar that
can be bought from our Swing Accessories page

9 – Rope Swing

This looks like it would be great fun in the summer!

A rope swing over a big open lake.

How much fun would this be!?

I’m sure everyone has or would love to
have a go on one of these!

10- Pink Bench Seat

How cute is this!?

I love this pink bench swing/seat
at the front of this little house.

It matches so well and looks like such a brilliant
swing to sit on and watch the outdoors.
Let us know: Which one would you prefer to have a go on? And which one is your favourite?

If you think theses swings are too big, scary or Dangerous for you back garden please click on the link below to view our more suitable swings.

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