A Successful Shoot

Never work with animals or children, so the saying goes.

Hanging out at the Selwood Cottage

Hanging out at the Selwood Cottage

The Selwood Cottage £399

The Selwood Cottage £399 – much plusher than most of our own houses.

On Friday we chose to ignore that little piece of advice and get ten (yes, really, ten) children down to a sunny location in Suffolk near Climbing Frames HQ. ‘God, why?’ I hear you scream. Well in the coming months we plan to launch a more interactive approach to our product. As a web based company we understand that people need as much information about a product before the commit to buying it. For some buying online can be a little scary so we want to offer reassurance that you are definitely making the right decision. The best way to do this is with product videos as well as still images. The videos give a 360 degree view of our climbing frames and other outdoor products, as well as showing how children play and interact with the toys. We hope this will give the peace of mind needed before purchasing.

Back to the day itself. One of our little ladies kept us waiting half an hour while she got changed (diva in the making), so we had a bit of a rush on our hands and trying to control that many children, surrounded by climbing frames and high on Friday afternoon sunshine is no mean feat. But we managed it. The biggest hit of the day was the Selwood Cottage children’s playhouse. The post box, the sink, the flowerpots (which were mainly used as hats) all kept our budding actors and actresses occupied long after the camera stopped rolling.



Our little diva

Our little diva

We also pulled out our secret weapon – The head cam. We wanted to give you the rare chance to experience our play sets from a child’s point of view. The head cam (which looks a little like a camera popped on top of a bike helmet) was strapped to Sophie’s head whilst she explored several of the swing sets. A reluctant wearer at first, Sophie soon took her role as chief head cam wearer in her stride. After a few fun filled hours we were exhausted but also pleasantly surprised at how smoothly the potentially disastrous day had gone.

All aboard the sandboat

All aboard the sandboat £79

Perfect weather for a picnic

Perfect weather for a picnic – picnic table and 4 chairs £99

Whoever said ‘never work with animals or children’ clearly didn’t have climbing frames, sand pits and to keep them occupied.

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