Selwood Pressure Treated Value Swingset Range available now at Climbing Frames UK

NOTE: These sets are now sold without the wooden beams, these can purchased from any local timber merchant at a very low costs compared with shipping.

Why are your Selwood pressure treated sets such amazing value?

We are consistently asked by customers, how can your Pressure Treated Swingsets be so cheap compared with the Selwood Cedar Climbing Frames? Here is why the Pressure Treated Range can all be sold for under £200:

The Lumber we use to build our swingsets is Pine and Fir. It is widely recognised that both of these lumbers are prone to rot so we have to pressure treat the wood to give the product longevity. Even with the cost of pressure treatment, it is still a fraction of the cost of cedar.

Not using packaging also saves money. Our poles are just banded, and hardware bagged.

We use Low Cost Wrap-around Galvanised Swing Hangers, these are basic, cheap but effective.

In recent years the majority of the swingset market have moved to belt swings, but on the Pressure Treated Pole Sets we use Low Cost Blow Moulded Swing Seats. They are generally regarded as harder for youngsters to use.

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