Wooden playhouses have long been a favorite selwood garden toy and we have two lovely models on offer. In this blog we would like to address the most common questions we receive from our customer when they are looking at purchasing a playhouse for their children.


None of our playhouses have a floor. They are designed to sit on the grass or on a patio. The primary reason for our playhouses having no floor is simple – it would rot! Also, if there was a floor, the playhouse could slide around while the children are playing. Also if it is damp outside, flooring can pose a hazard. Water on a flat surface is never good – with water coming in on shoes and clothing, puddles will soon form. We certainly do not want children slipping in puddles they cannot see!
If you wanted to place the playhouse in a permanent place, it would have to be put on concrete or paving slabs anyway, thereby making a ‘floor’ redundant. Without a floor, a playhouse can be moved easily. In the summer the children can play on the grass. In the winter the playhouse can moved to a patio area and the children can avoid getting muddy but still enjoy playing outside!


We often get asked whether the windows of playhouses contain glass or Perspex. The answer is no – all of the window panes are empty. The main reason for this is that if the glass or Perspex were to break, the sharp edges would pose a huge safety hazard. The last thing we want is for children to hurt themselves due to a design flaw. We also leave the window panes empty to help improve ventilation in the playhouse. As we all know, mould thrives in warm, damp condition. It would be a real shame for a playhouse to be plagued by mould after a short period of time.

Extra Floors

None of the playhouses we sell have extra floors. A child’s safety is paramount to us and we feel that having a second floor would compromise this. Also, they are simply not big enough to have another level inside! If they were to have another level, the playhouse would be more expensive as more wood would be used to create them. Our playhouses are made of excellent quality Chinese cedar wood, just like our climbing frames.

Door fastenings

Occasionally we are asked whether the playhouse doors are lockable from the inside and outside. There is no permanent fastening, so children cannot lock their playmates in or out of the house. The can be closed and it fastens with a pull-to latch. The children simply push or pull the door (depending whether they are inside or outside the playhouse) to open or close it!

Hopefully this blog has answered some of the key questions you may have had. If you need any more information, get in touch! We’d be happy to help!

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  1. Harriet Morley - August 21, 2012

    Thanks for this post – my partner and I are looking to get a playhouse for our two baby daughters. We don’t have a big garden – a climbing frame is out of the question! So this looks like a perfect solution. Do your playhouses come with a guarantee like the climbing frames?

  2. Stephen Rossell - August 9, 2013


    I would like more details on the above playhouse, please could you tell me the sizes and price please, as I live the UK,

    Best regards,


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