Clucking Brilliant – Savannah Playhouse Renovation

Have your kids grown out of their garden play equipment or wooden playhouses? Are you wondering what to do with it now?

Three week old white Dorkings

Savannah Chicken coop

Chicken Coop

Well one of our American Selwood customers has come up with a rather ingenious use for her Savannah playhouse. A stylish chicken coop is hard to come by so with a few alterations (adding vinyl flooring, latches on the windows and a run) the playhouse has been transformed into a functional detached family home. We fell in love with the pictures of her cute coop and her 3 week old white Dorkings (chickens).

What do you all think of the renovation?

The Savannah has been so popular it is no longer available on our UK site but we have a vast range of wooden playhouses for your chickens or even your children. Visit to view them.

Has anyone else made quirky alterations to their purchase? Please upload your pictures to our Facebook page!/ClimbingFrames

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