Outdoor Play Can Improve Eyesight

As outdoor play experts we could talk about the benefits of putting a climbing frame or swingset in your garden until the cows come home. There are the obvious benefits; extra exercise, more time spent in the fresh air, development of motor skills and of course endless fun.

Now you don’t just have to take our word it, a study by Cambridge University has found that those children who spend more time outdoors are less likely to suffer from short-sightedness. A total of 10,400 children were used in the study led by Dr Justin Sherwin. Those children who were short-sighted were found to spend on average 3.7 hours less outdoors than those who weren’t. Indeed, running up and down their climbing frame, bouncing on their trampoline or enjoying their swing set may help improve their vision as exercise, exposure to natural light and looking at far away objects, were all found to be important factors in doing so.

Even as winter approaches, as long as children are wrapped up warm, there is no reason why the fun has to stop. What is more fun than crunching in the leaves or playing in the snow?

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  1. Children’s entertainment doesn’t have to be expensive - October 1, 2012

    […] A climbing frame benefits your children in all sorts of ways. The accessories on our play sets offer challenging activities which help to improve coordination, balance and motor skills. All siblings can play together and their relationships will improve and they learn that playing together is fun! Socialising during early years is really important. At the ages of six and seven, children are developing their sense of reasoning. By learning about the importance of communication and compromise at a young age, children will develop a social skill which will help them throughout their entire lives. It has also been found that children, who play outdoors, have better eyesight than children who don’t. […]

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