Outdoor Activity Centre for Older Children

Outdoor Activity Centre for Older Children

All of our Climbing Frames are for ages 3 – 11 years. However, the ‘smaller’ sets might be a little ‘Boring’ for older Children. Outdoor Activity Centre for Older Children need to provide a suitable challenge before they lose interest as both mind and body develop into teenagers. Exploring the complete range of wooden climbing frames UK or from the global supplier selwood opening yourself to the possibilities.


As Children get older they like to Swing, Climb and Challenge themselves. Whereas smaller children like to just enjoy and have fun.

For instance The Sandpoint or Sandpoint Deluxe Climbing Frame have all the features a ‘older’ child would LOVE! The solid rockwall, a tube/tunnel slide, Monkey bars to swing across and a two child glider swing.

Another Climbing Frame would be the Skyfort. This also has the Glider swing, Monkey bars and solid rockwall.

These Climbing Frames have a 5ft deck height which means a longer slide and more head room underneath.

Not only are these features great for the children’s enjoyment they are also great for the development of the child.

We all know sitting in front of the TV and playing video games are not health beneficial. Being outdoors helps our children to become creative. It is also known that children sleep better when they have played outdoors.


The benefits of outdoor play can be found physically and mentally. Physically we know the benefits strength endurance and builds coordination. Physical activity such as swinging on swing sets and climbing up rock walls is a valuable activity for children of all ages. Besides all the health benefits, playing outside stretches children’s thinking and knowledge. Children need coordination, they need a chance to practice their basic physical skills. Outdoor play time also allows children to move freely and make noise, forms of self-expression that are often restricted indoors.

We all remember monkey bars from our childhood. They were the perfect opportunity to show off just how brave we were.

Buying a climbing frame with monkey bars is a fabulous way to increase the longevity of the swing set. Whilst the younger children may be content on the swings and slide, not yet ready to attempt the monkey bars, older children will love the sense of adventure they bring. Also if your children are still quite young the addition of the monkey bars means the climbing frame will continue to offer new challenges for years to come.

It goes without saying that monkey bars add that little extra excitement to a climbing frame, however, as well as being great fun they also have huge health and learning benefits. Getting to grips with monkey bars teaches and improves co-ordination as well as strength. This is the same case with the solid rockwall, gripping and using co ordination.

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