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One of the most enduring memories many people have of their childhood involve trips to a park, spending time around the climbing frames, monkey bars, swings, and slides, all of which could be anything their imagination could dream up. A climbing frame can be a whole new world for a child with an active imagination, or it can be a stimulating environment for races, games and social development.

Health and development: the impact climbing frames can have on your child’s growth

Climbing frames represent a great way for a child to develop multiple aspects of their physical health at once: monkey bars and climbing grips allow development of both core and grip strength, whilst swings develop core muscle tone and timing (or co-operation if someone’s pushing!), and frames act as great centerpieces for encouraging outdoor play.

Being outdoors stimulates your child’s immune system and helps to encourage a positive attitude to exercise and health when they get bigger, and all that outdoor play will stimulate muscular growth, encourage a healthy metabolism and provide endless enjoyment.

Selwood Monkey Bar Swings

A world of features to choose from and Selwood sells a variety of frames to suit most pockets and (perhaps more importantly) most children. Monkey bars and swings will appeal to more active children, slides are an exciting feature that most kids will enjoy (and climbing back up improves their health without them even noticing!). Equally, frames act as a great place for children to interact for imaginative play. Many frame configurations take this into account, including bench/table features which could be a shop front, a spaceship cockpit or just a place to relax after your kids tire themselves out!

Selwood Rockwall & Rocks

Quality and safety, engineered into every component

When it comes to play equipment, safety is paramount. Climbing frames UK guarantee that their frames are made from split-free cedar (a rot-resistant species which doesn’t need toxic pressure-treating techniques to be safe from weather damage). The frames are sturdily constructed, with torsion-box designs which will remain stable under even the most robust play. The tarpaulin roofing and plastic slide components are simple to clean and maintain, whilst being completely weatherproof, removing the need to disassemble the frame in damp weather. The frames also come in a huge variety of configurations, with optional components available from tube slides to baby-seat swings, so that they can be tailored to kids of any age.

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