Garden play equipment better than others!

Garden play equipment better than others!

We believe our garden play equipment here at Climbing Frames UK are better than others because of two main reasons….

We use 100% Cedar wood and we trust our products so much we offer a free 10 year warranty with any purchase!

Climbing Frames UK frames have been manufactured from Cedar (cunninghamia lanceolata) for many years due to the woods natural beneficial characteristics which make it ideal for outdoor play equipment.
The wood is strongly resistant to rot , is not eaten by termites and is easily worked which is why it’s been used for hundreds of years to make buildings, bridges, ships and furniture… and NOW CLIMBING FRAMES!

Most of our competitors use Pine for their wooden play centers because it is cheap! Pine has another drawback as it must be chemically treated to preserve the timber, untreated pine will only last outdoors for 1 – 2 years so it must be chemically treated with chemical pesticide, fungicide and biocide products to make it last.

All wooden play equipment will need oil, sealant or stain applying to keep them protected from weathering, reducing the risk of splits, cracks and splinters.

You may be thinking what is pressure treatment? Well see the below diagram which will explain the process for this!

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