Focus on Features – Swings

Focus on Features – Swings

Who doesn’t love a swing? Suitable for all ages, they will keep children occupied for hours, and come in all shapes and sizes so are a great addition to any family garden.

Here at Climbing Frames UK we have a great selection of swings.  From the simple Kettler Single Swing, to the mighty Ashdown Climbing Frame with swings, we cater for almost any space or budget.

Our swing sections for climbing frames come in a two or three position length. This means you can have two or three swings hanging at a time.

Instead of a basic swing beam, you could choose a monkey ladder swing beam. This does everything the swing beam does, but with the added benefits of having monkey bars as well. This is a great feature for those gardens where space is limited. Simply unhook the swings to use the monkey bars, and rehang when swings are wanted. This is particularly good if you want to make the most out of your climbing frame as your children get older.

As for the swing seats, all our swing set climbing frames come complete with yellow belt swings. These are made from supple yellow plastic which provides greater comfort and support. The plastic is UV resistant, which means the sun will not cause any damage, and come with soft ropes instead of chains to eliminate the risk of pinching.

But what about the littlest members of the family? Luckily we have a swing seat just for them. Made from molded green plastic, with a T bar support to ensure baby stays safe and secure, it comes complete with height adjustable ropes so you can be sure to get the height just right.

Want to add a new feature to your climbing frame? How about a fun glider or trapeze bar? Both of these can be fitted to most frames and add another feature to the frame. Gliders in particular are particularly versatile, appealing to younger and older children alike.

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