Focus on Features – Slides

Focus on Features – Slides

When choosing your climbing frames having many options for slides makes choosing much more fun than just space and budget. With three main variations straight, curved and tube all provide differnt sensations for children, the following is a consideration of these slide options.

Here at Climbing Frames UK we have several slide options.

Our most basic slide is the straight slide. This is made from an UV resistant durable HPDE material coming in two lengths 180cm slide seen on the Andorra frame and the 220cm, which is on a lot of our frames such as the Meadowside and Windale climbing frames.

New Slides

We also have a new slide, 300cm long for use with our 5ft deck height forts such as the Kendal and Orton. This slide is double reinforced at the back to make it even stronger and comes complete with high sides and a flattened bottom for a slower exit.

How about a tube slide? These eye catching slides are a firm favourite with our younger customers. They are also a great space saver on the larger frames, providing hours of entertainment. They are 300cm long, fully enclosed and curve around almost a full 360 degrees. Made of sections of tough HPDE material they are well up to the most adventurous of play! Frames which feature the tube slide include Goldenridge, Althorpe and Althorpe Deluxe, and our Great Skyline range.

Curved Slides

Curved slides are a great option for a bigger garden. Again, made of the super tough HPDE the slide features a long 12ft slide down around 90 degrees , slight wave for extra fun, high sides for added safety and a flattened bottom to help children land feet first. These slides can help make a large frame a little bit easier to fit a garden. Our Audley and Audley Deluxe frames are fitted with these slides.

And if you just can’t decide, then we have the Salina or Wellan Climbing frames which come with not only a tube slide, but a straight rocket slide too! 

Do remember that the slides need to have plenty of room at the ends for a safe descent. Our slides are of the highest quality and a lot of time has been spent making them as safe as possible. We feature high railed sides to prevent any tumbles, and the end of the slide is flattened to ensure they make a safe exit and land on their feet not their bottoms.

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