Easy Steps to Potty Training

Here are some of the Yasmin’s (Climbing Frames Staffer) top steps on how to Potty train your child.

Remember that you can’t force your child to use a potty. If they’re not ready, you won’t be able to make them use it. In time they will want to use it.
Don’t worry – You will get there one day!

    • Check for signs – Is your child ready? Does your child keep a diaper dry for more than two hours? He may be ready. Does he like to wear the potty on his head like a hat? He may not be.
    • Help your child feel comfortable. Let him run around with the potty nearby. Allow him to take a toy with him on the potty.
    • If your child is telling you they need their nappy changed you will know it is time to start Potty Training
    • Set up a routine. Try to get your child to go potty every hour
    • Make it fun. Dance and cheer
    • You will usually know when your child is likely to have a poo. So sit them on the potty
    • You will know your child is ready when they ask to wear normal pants.

Toddlers can’t go ‘just in case’ before a long journey, so they will probably want to go when you’re travelling at 70mph along the motorway. Take a potty with you but don’t risk life and limb to avoid a puddle in the car.

Always take changes of clothing – more than one.
Children should have their clothes changed promptly – it’s horrid to sit in soaked or soiled pants.

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