Differences Between The Holt, Meadowvale, Meadowside and Foster

Differences Between The Holt, Meadowvale, Meadowside and Foster

The Holt, Meadowvale, Meadowside and Foster are very similar, the main differences are the swing beams. These climbing frames are from selwood

The Holt is a fort only frame








The Meadowvale has a two position swing Beam








The Meadowside has a two position monkey ladder swing beam

Meadowside 2







The Foster has a three position monkey ladder swing beam

Foster 2







These playsets are ideal for children aged from 3 up and they all include some great features for such a compact garden playset.

The monkey bar swing beam you can either have two or three children swinging at once (or four with the glider add -on), you will see the difference between the Meadowside and the Foster is the position size for the monkey ladder swing beam. The additional trapeze bar on the other side of the fort is great for another friend. You have the requirement one of the swings can easily be replaced with a baby seats too.

These frames also come with rock wall ladders which offer the best of both worlds for little climbers. For those who are feeling a little more adventurous, the moulded plastic climbing rocks are a natural choice for a daring climb. For those with a little less confidence, then the spaces between the ladder slats will provide an easier ascent to the top! The spaces between the slats are also easy to climb down – ideal if the queue for the slide is too long! Our rockwall ladders are a combination to ensure that all ages of children can enjoy them and maximise their use from the playset.

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