How to Decorate Your Wooden Playhouse

How to Decorate Your Wooden Playhouse

Customise your wooden playhouse with a creative coat of paint, not only keeping the kids happy but ensuring it’s protected from the elements. These steps are similar for all our outdoor climbing frames from climbingframesUK or climbing frames for sale or playhouses at who stock these similar items.

• Preparation & tips
• Which paint?
• Exterior ideas
• Interior ideas

Preparing to paint

• Before painting, sand down any rough areas of wood and seal any cracks to ensure moisture stays out
• New wood should be painted as soon as possible to avoid any possible damage to it
• Firstly paint your playhouse with a wood preserver or primer to protect it from the elements and to ensure your paint work lasts longer and applies more evenly
• Spend some time getting creative with colour to make it more exciting, make sure you use weatherproof paint or stain, get your child to help choose the colours of paint
• Make sure you cover all areas with paint, don’t miss any of the little nooks and crannies
• Top tip: paint from the top of the playhouse down, the door should be the last thing painted

Please Note: All treatments should be EN71 compliant wherever possible


What you’ll need

• Sanders
• Paint brushes
• Primers and undercoats
• All exterior paint
• Coloured wood stain
• Cutting tools for stencils
• Kids wallpaper & stickers
• Kids soft furnishings
• Battery operated lights

Which paint?



Use a primer specifically designed for outdoor use – many products can be used both inside and out but alway check the label and manufacturer’s instructions.

Exterior satins and glosses

Use a primer fist when using satin and gloss paints. Some products, including Dulux Weathershield Exterior Glosses and Satins, and Ronseal 7 Year Wood Paint don’t need an undercoat. Cuprinol offers many colour options. Protek wood stain is advertised as en71 complainant. Check the manufacturer’s instructions.

Exterior wood stain

Wood stain is available in a wide range of colours. It’s simple to use, either brush or spray on. There’s no need to use a primer and your playhouse will be fully protected from the elements. The Cuprinol Garden Shades range is available in 25 colours, a further 26 can be mixed in-store, beautiful long lasting colour to suit every taste!


Exterior decorating ideas

• Paint the door and frame separate contrasting colours and the window ledge a different colour from the window frame for a quirky feel
• Paint the doors and windows a different colour to the rest of the house; see how we’ve made this a feature on our Blooma playhut
• Use old plates and cups to create different sized polka dots. Why not use different colours and paint them on a plain coloured background
• Camouflage – simple works best. Draw large uncomplicated sections freehand before painting. Take a painting-by-numbers approach and dab different sections with which colour you will paint them before you begin. For a traditional look use greens and browns. Express your creativity by mixing this up with different colours. See how we’ve decorated our command post in shades of blue and white
• Create your own stencils from old cardboard to add flowers, animals or other designs


Interior decorating ideas

• Why not paint the inside of the playhouse, or maybe add a simple wallpaper border to inject some colour
• Top tip: when decorating the interior walls ensure you use a light colour paint to brighten the room up and keep it light for as long as possible on summer days
• Create a theme around your child’s tastes and decorate it in this way – e.g. princess, pirates, animals, army, etc. Whatever they like!
• Create a homely feel by adding blankets, rugs, beanbags and cushions to the floor and curtains in the windows
• Decorate the walls with your child’s own artwork
• Use battery operated lights to add sparkle
• Fill it with their favourite toys! Why not add children’s play appliances like a pretend oven & washing machine to make it a home of their own
• Add some child sized furniture for a finishing touch


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