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Climbing Frames UK is the leading independent retailer of wooden climbing frames in the UK. Climbing Frames UK have a huge selection of Climbing Frames offering a variety of play set sizes and features, and we are here to find the right product for your family, your garden and your long term wishes.

Our Climbing Frames

Climbing Frames UK’s ranges of climbing frames and garden play equipment are based around several key features. Firstly, we have a Treehouse Fort as the key focus to the structure. This item is topped with a tarp roof on budget models and a full wooden roof on the more premium items. The treehouse fort also comes in a selection of deck heights, with the starter models being 1.2m, rising to 1.5m and 2.1m as the models get bigger.

Highlander Climbing Frame Playset

Highlander Climbing Frame Playset

Attached to the climbing frame treehouse fort is a range of key accessories/features including on most, but not all, are a slide, rockwall and steps. Some sets also have rope ladders, fireman’s poles and even sundecks or cabins. Below the play deck in the treehouse fort you will also find a range of features including a sandpit are, picnic tables or even playhouses.


Key Climbing Frame Features:

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