Climbing Frames and Swings – Havens for children

In the modern age, concerns for health and safety have reached the point where many children today are kept away from play equipment and even all outdoor play, because there are more perceived dangers nowadays than ever before.

Climbing Frames UK and Are Challenging This

This is understandable, yet as parents substitute TV and games for the back garden or the local play area, the toll this is taking on the physical and emotional health of their children is becoming clear more and more. With decreased levels of exercise (and eating the same amount, if not more), children are becoming unfit and overweight, and with less interaction with other children – and basic outdoor elements with which they come into contact by playing outside – a decreased capacity for social and imaginative play has become the consequence which we cannot ignore for long.

Despite some children still having access to some kind of outdoor play device in their back garden, such as a sandpit, climbing frame, swing set or trampoline, increased concerns for these meeting the basic safety requirements, and the general fear of children falling off and sustaining an injury, has resulted in many parents shunning these products completely.

However, if the right play device is chosen, with fully assured safety, it could make a huge difference to children. Climbing Frames UK have specialty climbing frames and swing sets which are made of cedar, which is a sturdy yet smooth type of wood which can last, and provide a safe playtime for children, for a long time. They come in multiple sizes, so you can choose one that’s right for you whether you have a bigger area to play around with, or more limited space.

Likewise with the swing sets; they come rigorously tested to the highest standards, and can accommodate one or two children, with the choice or purchasing them on their own, or as part of a climbing frame. A good quality climbing frame or swing in the garden can make a great difference to kids’ recreational time, getting them out and about, in a safe place where parents can see them play and have fun. With a few friends joining in, a climbing frame can provide an enjoyable, and increasingly necessary, outlet for their natural energy and creativity.

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