Climbing Frames UK has a frame called the Sunview on sale for £199.00 plus £29.99 delivery.

This frame comes with many nice little features such as the two swings a slide and a rock wall ladder.
Climbing Frames UK manufacture all of their frames from cedar wood with sturdy ‘A’ shape designs also offering a 10 year warranty free of charge with any purchase!

Sun View 1







Wicken Toys are offering a Plum Play Centre called the Siamang 2 which is very similar and priced at £259.00 + delivery.
The features on this frame are literally identical (two swings, slide, rock wall ladder) but is only supplied with 5 years warranty!

Plum Siamang








The only main different is the price…


So why would you pay more and get less!

Click HERE to view more information on the Sunview or if you wish to purchase!

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