Decorate the Outside of Your Wooden Playhouse

A wooden Playhouse is an essential in any garden during the summer, an attractive feature that will provide endless hours of fun the children. We have a range of playhouses available to fit in with any garden style; if you really want something unique and special for your children, however, to decorate a wooden Playhouse yourself is a simple and fun task that can have fantastic results.

  1. Choose good quality, weatherproof paints which are designed for outdoor use and follow the instructions on the tin with regards to primers, undercoats and general product use. If you’re opting for a wood stain, pick a colour that compliments the natural tone of the wood and decide whether you want to use a brush or spray system. Alternatively, pick a colour suitable for a girls playhouse. You just have to know what she likes.
  2. Start at the top of your playhouse and work down, leaving the door until last. This way any drips and drops of paint won’t leave permanent marks. Work methodically through each area, ensuring that you don’t miss even the smallest corner spots. Painting the door and window frames a different colour will give a stylish, traditional look; if you opt to paint the inside as well go for a light colour to increase brightness.
  3. Once finished, leave to dry for 24 hours; after this, you can decide whether a second coat is needed to further bring out colour, or get straight on with adding the additional decorations.

Please find more helpful tips on preparation on the link

Playhouse Decoration Ideas:

-Make the playhouse welcoming by adding a door matt, name sign and door bell. This will personalise the playhouse but also make the kids feel welcome and there are more interesting features added.

-Decorate the rim of the roof with hanging flags and add flowers to the plant pots. flags

-Providing a personalized mailbox is a great way to add excitement. Occasionally throw in some junk mail or catalogs to make it more interesting.

-Add solar accent lights in the ground around the playhouse or in a flower pot. Either way, when the lights come on, it can signal time to come in, provide a safety feature and a focal point.

solar lights

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