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Alley Oop 14ft Trampoline features Double bounce beds for extra trampoline bounce and safety, and including a trampoline safety net.14ft. DoubleBounce™ Trampoline with Integrated AirShock™ Safety Technology • Complete Unitized System including our safest patented Triple-Fail-Safe™ Enclosure 

Double the Safety, Double the Fun!! The Revolutionary Patented DoubleBounce™ Trampoline Safety System with AirShock™ Technology and the Patented Triple-Fail-Safe™ Enclosure ensure that this is one of the safest trampolines on the market.   Safety on trampolines is certainly a major concern for many parents, and the number of patented safety features on all Alley Oop Trampolines will certainly help give peace of mind.  Quality and Safety are their main priorities.
Unbeatable Offer - This Alley Oop pack includes the following equipment:
- Alley Oop 14ft Double Bounce Trampoline
- Alley Oop Premium Safety Enclosure
- Alley Oop Surestep Trampoline Ladder
The Alley Oop Trampoline series offers a dramatic improvement in safety and performance over conventional trampolines! The AlleyOop Sports line of trampolines combines superior build quality with advanced safety engineering to create the world’s best garden trampoline systems. 
The Alley Oop DoubleBounce™ System is designed specifically to help reduce the risk of injury on the mat of the trampoline, which is where most injuries occur. The DoubleBounce design offers significant safety and performance advantages over any single-bed trampoline. This top-of-the-line system is, quite simply, the world’s most advanced safety-engineered trampoline.  
As with all of our AlleyOop Trampoline Systems, the DoubleBounce comes with our strongest safety enclosure, employing our Triple-Fail-Safe™ backup system.
Product Specification
14 feet in diameter (24% larger play area/jumping surface than a 9' by 16' rectangular trampoline).
The frame is heavy-duty, 1.9" diameter, pre-galvanized steel that is powder coated with a beautiful forest green, textured finish. The frame has a 2mm wall thickness.
The top trampoline jumping mat is 40 inches tall, for excellent ground clearance (much higher than most other trampolines). This allows us to use our exclusive 10" springs for a deeper, more shock-absorbent landing and an excellent return bounce.
128 Extra-Stretch™ High-Performance Springs (10 inches long, tapered, high tensile steel) give our best bounce performance yet still offer a low-impact landing.
Our springs are rust resistant using a high-quality zinc-plating process. These exceptional springs, combined with our Double Bounce design, provide a very forgiving bounce for kids and yet with all 128 springs installed, can still handle a 25lb adult.
Our Permatron® jumping mats are the industry leader in High-Tensile Strength, UV and Water Protection, and performance. Our mats have 10 rows of stitching and an UV shield (compared to just four rows of stitching and no UV shield on most other brands). The mats offer approximately 113 square feet of play space.
We use high strength looped straps and steel V-rings for connecting the springs. Never buy a trampoline mat with grommets that are punched through the fabric...
A very poor design that causes the mat to tear and fail prematurely.
All of our AlleyOop® trampolines include our patent pending all steel "DD" Sure-Lok™ system to prevent the frame from twisting and deforming. Other manufacturers build their frames with slip-fit (male/female) pieces that rotate and twist open over time causing the frame to become loose and wobbly, or even break.
The frame pad is forest green in color, blending beautifully with the landscape. It is over 14 inches wide and one inch thick (no tapering). High-density, gym-quality polyethylene (cross-linked PE), closed-cell foam padding is used across the entire pad surface, not just at the edge. The foam is covered by a high-quality, 21-ounce, reinforced, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) outer shell that is U- and water-resistant. Other manufacturers use a cheap tarp material to cover the foam, which falls apart very quickly.
Our highest quality and strongest safety enclosure system helps prevent users from falling off of the trampoline, cushions there impacts, keeps the net from breaking/collapsing around them, is rated to withstand an impact of 295 lbs., and lasts many times longer than any other enclosure system on the market. The Unitized design of the DoubleBounce™ System speeds installation time.
Designed for use with JumpSport® or AlleyOop Sports® Trampoline Accessories (sold separately).
Maximum single-user weight rating up to 250 lbs in standard 128-spring configuration.* (Real world testing to a combined weight of over 800 lbs!)


Step Ladder

Steps are a great added feature that will make the use of your trampoline far easier. No more scrambling, jumping and climbing on and off the trampoline, making it a lot safer and much simpler for those little bouncers. The steps are quick and easy to attach and will keep your mind at ease whilst the children bounce away in the garden. As with all children’s play equipment our primary concern is safety and with the addition of a few steps you can ensure your children will be able to use their trampoline in a far safer way.

Safety Enclosure

The use of a safety enclosure offers great peace of mind to parents. Acting as a safety net around the entire trampoline, enthusiastic bouncers will be stopped from making an unexpected exit and little bouncers will have the confidence to give bouncing a good go. With a fully integrated system and foam covered poles you can be safe in the knowledge that all precautions have been taken to keep the little ones from any bounce related accidents. 




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8ft Trampolines

Layout Dimensions

Width Depth Height Weight
Metric 427.00cm 427.00cm 0.00cm 224.60
Imperial 14' 0'' 14' 0'' 0' 0'' 495.15 lbs

"Note: The stated dimensions are approximate and do not include a safety area. Please ensure you leave an appropriate safety area around the item. [Read More]"

Packaging Dimensions

Switch to Metric Measurements Switch to Imperial Measurements
Box Name Part No Ean No Length Width Height Weight Cubed
14ft Alley Box 1 alley1 allytbc 72.00cm 15.00cm 8.00cm 65.90 0.01 2' 4'' 0' 5'' 0' 3'' 145.28 lbs 0' 0''
14ft Alley Box 2 alley2 allytbc1 67.00cm 19.00cm 8.00cm 63.20 0.01 2' 2'' 0' 7'' 0' 3'' 139.33 lbs 0' 0''
14ft Alley Box 3 alley3 allytbc2 67.00cm 20.00cm 10.00cm 49.10 0.01 2' 2'' 0' 7'' 0' 3'' 108.25 lbs 0' 0''
14ft Alley Box 4 alley4 allytbc3 49.00cm 20.00cm 10.00cm 46.40 0.01 1' 7'' 0' 7'' 0' 3'' 102.29 lbs 0' 0''
Total: 224.6 0.04
495.15 lbs 0' 1''

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