Climbing frames and playsets with 1m (3ft) deck heights

1m (3ft) High Deck

The 1m (3ft 3ins) play deck height refers to the distance from the ground to the climbing frames deck.  Therefore the higher the deck height the further from the ground the deck is, the longer the rockwall  to get up, and the slide to ride down. 

Which deck height is most suitable for my children?

This is the lowest deck height we offer and is great for those people with younger children. However, it is important to bear in mind that this is a purchase to be enjoyed for many years and although you may be nervous your youngest children won't be up to climbing onto a 1m deck, they'll grow up before you realise and be confidently clambering the rockwall/ladder and excitedly coming down the slide. 

Our sets are aimed at children from 3-10 years old, so the 1m deck is ideal for those situated in the lower end of that age bracket. The shorter deck is easier to climb and a little less daunting for younger or smaller children. 

Climbing frames with 1m deck heights